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Circuit Workout: Tone that Tummy!

One of the top requests I get from people is for ab exercises.  You’ll notice I don’t usually say “ab” I say “core.”  When I think “ab exercise” I think regular old crunches or bicycles.  I’m not saying these aren’t good exercises, but your “core” is truly everything from your shoulders to your kneecaps, so “core exercises” are more comprehensive, challenging, and better for overall strength and stability.

I use planks as the foundation for a lot of core exercises, so three of the four exercises today will involve the plank position.  Below is a video to demonstrate the moves, including modifications to make them a little easier for the beginner to intermediate FH&B follower.

*NOTE: a short way into the video, something funky starts going down with the lighting and my webcam…I wasn’t intentionally shooting a strobe light on myself in case you get curious, working on getting that fixed 😮

Try these exercises as a core circuit after a cardio workout 2-3x per week.  If you’re working out at home, a dumbbell works fine in place of the weight plate I used in the overhead oblique-twist exercise.

Perform these four moves back to back for 10-20 reps each (for the side planks that’s 10-20 on each side, you can do it!) and take a 30-60 second rest between circuits.  Repeat 4x.

Enjoy working on your “situation”…and comment below to let me know how it goes!

Circuit Workout: Tone that Tummy!
  • Kelsea

    can’t wait to try them all out! thank you for the demo!!

  • Maureen

    Great circuit, Liz! Admittedly, I only made it through 3 repetitions of the whole thing. But what a work out! I’ll be sore tomorrow 🙂

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  • Sarah Moss

    Killer work out – I’ve been looking for something other than the variety of crunches I typically do to isolate all the different core muscles. Question: what weights are you using? And, do you have anything for lower back to complete the core? Lastly, when I did the side planks (last exercise in the demo), I did them with my one knee folded under, but when I did so, I felt the exercise most in my glute on the side of the knee folded under – what did I do wrong? Otherwise, thank you so much for an awesome work out 🙂

    • Liz DiAlto

      Sarah, for the plank w/ side raise I used 8lb dumbells to demonstrate, I’d use 10 in real life though. I’m not sure if you did anything wrong in the side plank ex because I can’t see you do it (unless you wanna shoot a vid and send it to me) my guess though is you didn’t do anything wrong, people tend to feel that in their weakest spot. Try it with your feet stacked, I have no doubt that you can handle it! For lower back you may not have felt it directly but it was definitely stabilizing you during the plank w/ side raise and the plate rotation exercise (btw that was a 10lb plate, also for demonstration, in most gyms the next weight up is 25lb though, so a dumbell 12-20 lbs might work well too).

    • Maureen

      Sarah – I too, felt it primarily in my glute!

  • Akil Ross

    Great site, your doing an absoltely phenomenal job. Good exercises from the video above. Way to improve from the regular ho-hum “core” exercises. Kudos, kudos, Kudos, keep it coming!

    • Liz DiAlto

      It all started in Total Body Conditioning, Tuesdays at 6:30pm NYSC Hoboken South, holler!

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