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2 Rampant Misconceptions That Make You Fat AND Cause Cancer

This message is particularly important not just for looks-but for your health and a living a long, beautiful life.

Since November I’ve not only been studying and educating myself in nutrition so I can better guide my clients, but also so I can lead by example and be walking proof of what I promote.

A comment on a FB status I posted last week prompted this topic because it was another reminder that people are sorely misinformed via all kinds of advertising and media about food.  So unless you enjoy stomach aches, extra fat and cellulite on your body, allergies and high risk for cancer, check out this weeks video to find out how to get smart and avoid these risks.

Multi grain Dunkin Donuts Bagel:

Sweet Potato:

I forgot to mention in the video but would be remiss not to point out that the bagel has 8x the sodium of the sweet potato, which is almost an entire day’s worth of sodium!!!

If you don’t have 5 minutes for the video right now, bookmark this message and come back to it-just ONE of these misconceptions could make all the difference for you personally.

If you’ve made these changes and notice a difference with your health and in your body, please please share your story in the comments to encourage others to make better choices!

Lots of love and health to you,
2 Rampant Misconceptions That Make You Fat AND Cause Cancer
  • Nisha Moodley

    Liz! Love hearing you talk about whole foods! Serious. Awesomeness.

  • Angela

    Hi Liz,
    As always wonderful to hear from you.
    I ditched anything with flour in years ago and potatoes too. Both of these things I found instantley bloated me and I’d feel awful for the rest of the day. I find that wraps don’t have the same effect so I can have those with salad. It used to be hard to find something to eat when I went out but its not so hard now a days. I love my cup of tea in the mornings and I’ve tried other milks but nothing tastes the same, maybe I should just try and wean myself off my earl grey tea and try something else. Angela

    • Liz DiAlto

      I’m a big proponent of “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” do you feel like the tea is causing any problems? If not, enjoy!

      • Angela

        Earl grey tea doesn’t cause any trouble for me what so ever. Just thought its the only bit of milk I have on a regular basis. But your right the nice feeling I get from drinking it every morning (and a little during the day) is so worth it. I just love my morning cup of tea. Angela

  • Monique

    This is great, Liz. You had me at the edge of my seat. Cookin’ up my brown rice pasta now for din din.

    • Liz DiAlto

      I loooovve brown rice pasta, yum!

  • Nichole Kellerman

    Hey Liz, this was GREAT info, thanks for spreading the TRUTH 🙂


  • Carolyn

    I actually have a reverse story about dairy. When I was little (before age of 12) I used to get sick a lot, stomach issues mostly. Then I was Vegan for about 12 years and always really healthy and fit and the stomach issues were very few and far between. For some reason, I decided to ditch the vegan diet and have not been able to kick the dairy since (I should have never given in, you do not miss what you do not remember tasting so good). Weight loss has been more difficult and I do not get as sick as I used to, but definitely have more stomach issues than i did from age 12 – 24. Still trying to kick the cheese addiction to get back to good.

  • sarah

    Another awesome post, Liz!
    I think our conversation about dairy may have leaked into this post, and I can say (and was thinking on my drive in this morning), after ditching dairy almost completely, I feel SO much better overall. I don’t feel sluggish, bloated, or gassy. My main motivator to cut out dairy was to see if I could kick this insane frequency of sinus infections I seemed to be having for the last year (literally, every 3 weeks I was sick). It has been 3 weeks since I kicked dairy out of the door and I can say I have far less mucus drainage in general, and…haven’t been sick! I used to consume milk like crazy, like more than a gallon a week between me and my son, and I was worried I would miss it. I don’t even crave it. With that said, although I am happy with the change, I would definitely be interested in hearing your take on the soy milk (it is in my fridge right now) – I am looking for an ideal replacement for my son (who has had digestive issues since he weaned from breast milk). Thanks again, though, Liz – I literally look forward to these every week!

    • Liz DiAlto

      Soy is a topic for a lot of conflicting information. Vegans/vegetarians rely on it as a source of protein, however a lot of soy products (like anything that’s made of soy impersonating meat or something else) are heavily processed so not the greatest for you. Even Kris Carr says go easy on soy unless it’s in a natural state like soybeans or edamame. Metabolic Effect says the estrogen in soy can block fat burning-that’s the main reason I try to stay away. My favorite alternative milks are unsweetened almond or coconut milk.

  • Heather Pierce

    Amen! So glad it’s starting to catch on that dairy is not a health food – if I read one more fitness magazine that recommends at least 3 servings a day I’m going to scream!

    As for processed carbs, I don’t have them often but TOTALLY feel a difference after having them. Bagels and baked goods make me feel anxious, then sluggish, then cranky.

    If you want even more info on what’s f’d up with the milk and soy in this country, I highly recommend checking out this TED talk:

    Thanks Liz! Great video, as always!

  • Julie

    Steel cut oats for breakfast!

  • Erica

    Another well thought out topic. Thanks for sharing your insights into this issue. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Karie

    Liz, I fricken love this video!!

    I tell all of my friends to try and cut dairy. It made such a difference in my life. Since that time I have lost weight without much effort and my stomach problems are gone. If there is a time (very rarely) that I do have dairy, it gives me a headache and makes my stomach sick.

  • S.J.Jakeway

    I don’t know if this is stupid to say, but I never really thought about how eating certain foods can impact how you feel. I mean, I understand that after eating a heavy Thanksgiving dinner that I am going to feel tired and sluggish, but never thought about everyday foods like milk and other dairy. Going to look into this more and try to focus on foods to give me more energy (other than coffee). I also get massive headaches which I tend to blame on stress, but what if its what I am eating? Thanks for the video and thanks to those who commented.

  • cat

    Lost 110lb in approx 4 mths, healed from liver disease, circulatory probs, some gastrointestinal probs, skin cleared up, now able to swim a mile a day and do 45 mins in the gym when before I could barely move for more than 10 mins at a time without having to lie down. Most importantly, no more cravings.

  • Elizabeth

    I am not completely lactose and tolerant but sometimes I have intolerance towards products that have lactose. I have changed to lactaid fat-free milk and lactose-free yogurt such as O’soy organic soy yogurt. I have noticed that my body feels better because I haven’t had products with lactose but I’m not 100% sure whether they are healthy for me. I have a feeling that they maybe high in sugar and definitely in carbs so they could be harmful. I don’t normally have more than one yogurt a day and I don’t often drink milk unless it’s with breakfast. I would love your insight!! Thanks Liz!

    • Liz DiAlto

      Here’s an easy way to tell when you’re reading the label.
      Take Total Carbs-Dietary Fiber. That number is the Net Carbs. From the Net Carbs subtract Protein (g)…that number should be less than 15. Anything over 15 has too much sugar (this is the label rule courtesty of Metabolic Effect). Yogurt isn’t terrible, but plain is best-if you want more flavor add your own fruit (real, not fruit on the bottom) or cinnamon. I sprinkle some cinnamon on plain greek yogurt and it’s really good.