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5 Unexpected Tricks to Side Step Stress

Today I’m going to vent real quick before delivering your goods.  I normally do not tune into the news or papers and here’s why.  I did yesterday morning and I was greeted with a heaping scoop of PERSPECTIVE:

  • three 8 year olds dead.  One was hung in Afghanistan.  One was kidnapped, smothered and dismembered.  One died of an allergic reaction to a food, and the mother tried to commit suicide after.
  • 93 slain in radical terrorist act in Norway
  • details of Amy Winehouse’s last day alive

Then today on FB, I see a post about a black girl in Arkansas, Valedictorian with the best GPA-but the school elected a “co-valedictorian” for fear of the “mess” of letting a black girl enjoy the solo honor.  Are you freaking kidding me?!

So here’s the deal, you might have stress in your life, you might have problems.  Everybody does, that’s part of life.  My grandpa always said, “They can knock you down but they can’t keep you down.” Today’s post is all about getting the hell up and staying up.

My hope this week is to help those of you in need of an attitude adjustment get readjusted.  Life is too good to waste time worrying about what you don’t have or what’s not happening.
It’s easier than you think. CLICK PLAY NOW.

The What I Did List.

Don’t forget to leave a comment. What was your favorite tip from the video + how are you going to use it better manage your stress?


5 Unexpected Tricks to Side Step Stress
  • Stephenie Zamora

    Liz, this is a rockin’ video. Thank you for sharing all of your amazing insights. I’m sending love to my bank account and off to share this post with the world!!! xoxo

  • Liz DiAlto

    Good one. Im sending love to slow walking people in NYC…thank you for allowing me to enjoy a leisurely walk and take a break from the hustle 🙂

  • Rachel Luna

    Hey Liz,
    Thanks for this post. It really reinforced the notion that I need to wind it down and always give thanks. I typically wake up at around 5:45am because that allows me a solid 30 minutes or so before my children wake up and the daily grind starts. I used to use these precious moments as email catch up/Facebook/call home time (since I am 13hrs ahead of my family) but then I noticed a trend. Email can be chock full of bad news too. A client might be canceling that day, a family member is sick, etc…Whenever I’d get these emails first thing in the morning, it would put me in a bad mood the entire day! So my rule is now: NO PLUGGING IN until I’ve meditated and given gratitude for the many blessings I have.
    It’s amazing how that one rule has made such a difference.

    Thanks again for helping reinforce such an important concept. I am thankful for Liz and! 🙂

  • Liz DiAlto

    Rachel, thank you for pointing this out. I’m going to add NO PLUGGING IN to my morning routine, you’re totally right, email can be just as stressful than the news!

  • jean

    Hey Liz~I like to start my day with a meditation–either in my bedroom or, since it’s so nice outside right now, by our pool. Before I feed my cats, before I have anything to eat or drink, and especially before I check my phone/turn on the computer. I know the effects might not seem obvious, but when I think about NOT meditating, I know my day won’t go as well…even if it’s an illusion which I don’t think it is. At night, turn off all electronica(at least a couple hours before bedtime)and usually read–either a book I’m reading at the time or a magazine that’s totally unrelated to my business,etc. The idea is to just muse on something outside my world. This works most of the time! Great post. 🙂

    • Liz DiAlto

      Jean, let me know when you record those meditations, I’d love to share w/ my peeps. She is good everybody…really good!

  • Freea

    Awesome and Amazing post as usual Liz. All wonderful reminders! I am a big advocate of soldering down slowly at night to shut the brain down and sleep better!

  • Melissa

    These tips were great and near perfect. I love your tip on gratitude and stop complaining. I’m passing this on to my daughter. Thanks Liz

    • Liz DiAlto

      Appreciate it, Melissa, I hope she enjoys it too. I just think about how much I hate to listen to other people complain and realized I’m not interested in subjecting people I care about to that feeling…*huge sigh of relief!*

  • Erin

    Hey Liz,
    The “sending love” to stressful things was really helpful. I’m a server right now and have been getting frustrated with rude people at my tables and poor tips. But, in the grand scheme of things, they are such a small part of my night and life. I’ll work on sending them some love instead of the rude looks I’m probably sending them 🙂

    Also, I got a book for my birthday last month called “The Happy Book” by Rachel Kempster and Meg Leder. It’s a guided journal with activities that get you to reflect on all the things that make you happy. It’s a huge stress reliever for me!

    Keep up the inspiring work 🙂
    Erin Drew

    • Liz DiAlto

      I like the sound of this “Happy Book” will check that out, thanks ED. Love youuu! xo

  • Lauren

    I love this post, Liz! I am definitely going to wake up earlier and giving love to the stressors in my life. Each night before I go to bed I give thanks for something in my life, forgive myself for the wrong that may have occurred and refocus on the goals I have set for myself. It always helps to put things into perspective. See you soon!

    • Liz DiAlto

      that sounds like an excellent wind down before bed, Lauren. Thanks for the comment, hope London was awesome!

  • Lindsay MF

    LIZ! This was great to read after the sort of week where I had 14 hours days and crazy meetings. After seeing your post, I’m grateful for my job, even when it’s a source of stress.


    • Liz DiAlto

      LMF- you rule. Not everyone can even see past their own stress, way to go! xo

  • Jay

    Good advice for anyone who deals with stress. Especially like your advice to keep the bedroom “electronics free”. Another tip is, if there are any blue LEDs on the clock or tv or whatever, cover it up with black electricians tape. For some reason, the blue wavelength will interfere with restful sleep.

    • Liz DiAlto

      that’s interesting, I had no idea about the blue. Makes sense though. I just unplug things. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  • Leah Cronican

    Sending love and positive energy out into the universe can only render opportunities for it to be reciprocated to you. This de-stress tip stood out to me because I have recently embraced this method and reaped the results; for the past year I’ve been doing it without being completely aware that I was doing it! Then when it was brought to my attention I clearly saw how this worked and moving forward I have an even clearer understanding of how it will continue to work. Once you can look back and realize that where you are right now is a direct result of your thinking and actions and barely anything else, you should be able to start changing things in your life to reflect your ideals and goals; personal, professional, emotional, monetary, anything. Also I needed a reminder that it is ok to love myself and to embrace opportunities to spend one on one time with “Leah”. Thanks Liz, for always reminding people that they have the power.