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Where do you get your SPF?

Anything to an extreme degree has the potential to turn ugly, really ugly.  This includes focus. I’m a huge proponent of goals, missions, vision, and staying motivated but what happens when these are the very things that are holding you back?

You need to find your SPF, that’s what.

And no, I’m not talking about slathering on some Coppertone or Panama Jack’s.  I’m talking about Strength, Power and Fun.  Click play on the video now to see where I get mine, and how this little shift in focus can create BIG TIME results.

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Where do you get your SPF?
  • Lisa Fabrega

    Liz, this video was fantastic!
    Loved it!
    The things that make me feel strong are: yoga in the morning, power walking up the hill by my house,
    playing tennis, bike riding, and taking time for myself in the morning and evening to have a ritual of self-care 🙂

    Lisa Fabrega

    • Liz DiAlto

      Self-care…way too often overlooked, especially by women. Thanks, Lisa!

  • Deborah Kolb

    Love this Reframe of Focus!
    My Fun is walking the Hills with my dog 😉
    For strength hitting the Gym and take advantage of the amazing classes offered
    Zumba here I come!
    Have an Amazing Day Liz

    • Liz DiAlto

      I love hills, too. Thanks for this comment Deborah, enjoy shaking your booty @ Zumba!

  • Giulietta Nardone

    Hey Liz,

    Folks don’t seem to have much fun anymore. It’s part of the conditioning to always be moving to some other place. It starts early in life. And finally at the end, people say, “I wish I’d had more fun.”

    I just make fun a priority! And do things that make me feel good in some way. I also do not listen to the societal hype to be goal-focused. That word is not in my vocabulary, other than just using it know.

    It’s a cliche that means nothing.

    Good post! G.

    • Liz DiAlto

      G- you are so right. I believe in goals, but not letting them dominate your life. I also find whenever I remember to have more fun, I get more results. Great point!

  • Cindi

    Boxing or KickBoxing! Stress reliever, great fat burner and it’s fun to HIT the calories out of your body. You can buy gloves for pretty cheap or some instructors have them to use. I teach a Kickboxing/Aerobics class in people’s homes so unless you know an instructor who can do the same and you have the room, you can usually find a class at a Park District or MMA/Karate Studio for a short term commitment. Don’t KNOCK it before you try it (pun intended!)!
    No matter what, change up your program often. Too much of one thing becomes stale not to mention creates muscle-memory and plateaus!
    Great message Liz!

    • Liz DiAlto

      This is great, was just talking to a girlfriend over the weekend about how sometimes we just want to hit stuff! Why not channel it into getting a slammin’ hot body while you’re at it? Thanks Cindi!

  • Erin

    “Maybe I was… or maybe I was…” DiAlto, I love you. Erin Drew here… and I haven’t taken Zumba classes yet but I sure do love dancing around my room to my favorite music! I’ve been taking more yoga/meditation classes too which make me feel powerful. 🙂

    • Liz DiAlto

      ED I was literally thinking of you the moment your comment popped up because I’m gearing up to launch a product in September and it’s going to be a shit load of work…and I thought “If those chicks can write Bridesmaids in 6 days, I can do this in 2 months!” Hollleerrrr. Love you too.

  • Rachel Luna

    Great post! Liz I had no idea you were a salsa dancer sister. Next time I’m in NYC we must go out and have some fun on the dance floor. I’m a total salsera!
    Here’s how I get my SPF:
    I find that I am my strongest when I am helping others make positive change in their life. Nothing makes me feel more capable and agile than that.
    My power comes from Jesus. Amen! When things are just more than I think I can handle, He always has my back and uplifts me so I can take some more.
    Fun for me comes from so many different places, in that regard I am truly blessed. I’d have to say though, my daughter’s provide the best fun there is.

    Again, thanks so much for this thought-provoking but fun and uplifting message! xoxox

  • Karie Hill


    I just started Zumba 5 weeks ago and I have never loved working out so much.

    Karie + Zumba = Love 4 Ever!

  • Freea

    Awesome Salsa Dancing Liz…So much fun!

    I have BIG issues with the hyper-focus on work thing…Too much work,Not enough fun!

    So thanks for the reminder. This is something I have been pushing myself to work on all year.

    I was doing good, then some major health issues took over my life the past four months including surgery 5 weeks ago…So all of this interrupted my physical works outs Arghhh!

    I will be integrating exercise back into my life hopefully in a month or so in small doses and at a slow pace. I am usually a maniac with workouts…so this will be new for me. So my part of my SPF is coming from being able to do NORMAL things again…that I used to do everyday, but took for granted.

    Currently I am re-designing my bedroom with a vintage beach theme…I NEED fun & sunny after going through all of this! I will also be having more dinner parties, to thank friends for their support through it all too! That’s my SPF XO ~Freea

    • Liz DiAlto

      Freea- there is a Yankee Candle called Sun + Sand, it’s my favorite one, totally smells like the beach..might be a good addition to your beach theme. thanks for this comment and I’m glad you’re on the up and up health wise, can’t wait to have you rockin’ out my work outs!

  • Kelly Lynn


    OMG what a killer video I absolutely LOVED it!!! Great message!!! My SPF is totally kickboxing, doing some bootie shakin at zumba of course I love hanging with friends and family!!! What really drives me is totally inspiring and motivating the next legacy to come…watch out world lol 🙂

    Thanks Liz for sharing your message you are awesome!! xo