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Healthy Eating 101: No More Sugar, Could You Do It?

You know how they say things happen in three’s?

The idea of giving up sugar crossed my path three times in the last few weeks.

First, a new buddy of mine showed me his before/after pic after 8 weeks off of sugar…down 20+ lbs and much more ab definition.

Then after a chat with my aunt about cutting out sugar I get this text 3 days in, “OMG I stopped eating sugar and other high carb foods on Sunday and I already feel soooo much better! Thanks.”

And finally, Tracy Matthews who you’ll meet in a few seconds when you hit play on the video-posted on FB about how great she felt after being off sugar (and gluten, dairy, caffeine, alcohol and dairy!) for 8 weeks.

I’m the kind of girl who can take a hint, and luckily Tracy lives in NYC so we popped a squat on a bench outside my favorite cafe in the West Village to chat Healthy Eating 101.

The biggest question I wanted answers to was “How are you doing this?”
Even as a person who keeps a very clean diet-this sounds ridiculously hard.  Make sure you watch the whole video because Tracy answers this question around 3:36.


Now it’s your turn. Answer this question in the comments: What would motivate you to be brave and kick one or all of the habits Tracy did?

PS: I’m debating the launch of a group program for people who want to quit talking about it and actually get in the best shape of their lives before January 1, so there’s momentum to start out 2012 and you’re ahead of the New Years Resolution crowd.

If you dig this idea, enter your name and email below and I’ll be in touch with details and a few input questions!


Healthy Eating 101: No More Sugar, Could You Do It?
  • Angelleca

    I completely relate to Tracy’s story, especially the part about crying over the loss of the food you enjoyed eating. In addition to other health issues, I have struggled with my thyroid for a few years now. I have tried a similar elimination diet, but have not been successful beyond a month. Thank you, Tracy for sharing your story. You have inspired me to commit to doing it again. It is so nice to know a girl is not alone. It’s a daunting task to give up so many things you enjoy eating and drinking, but when you finally make the connection that those foods are causing your suffering, you know it’s time to change things. I wish you continued success! 🙂

    • Liz DiAlto

      You can do it Angelleca, I’m so glad Tracy’s interview inspired you 🙂

  • Freea

    Angelleca…you are so right…it can be daunting and it is nice not to be alone. I quickly found some NEW food alternatives to turn to when jonesin’ for my usual things. I began making homemade energy balls and bars with healthful ingredients. I found a local gluten free grocery store and began going to events and seminars on the topic…and found community. I also found community online. There are many free online nutrition newsletters that focus solely on food too. Conscious Bites is one of my favs. Also ask Liz for recipes or food advice and direction….she is super amazing in that regard and here to support us, so when we share about what we need and want more of, we help her design valuable info for us. Hope your health gets back on track fast. I have had a crazy long health journey myself this year.

  • Laurie Rosenfeld

    Fun interview Liz and Tracy! Hope you’re enjoying RHH Live! Bravo Tracy on your cleanse! (Wow, will it be tough to keep while in NYC this weekend? You’ll have to do a follow-up share about it!) I don’t have a thyroid health issue, but I have a similar diet and mine is all year round! It started when I was working with an ayurvedic practitioner four years ago. Anyway, great to see your shining faces and have a blast this weekend. 🙂

  • Sarah

    Tracy is amazing and I am impressed with her discipline. I doubt I could do the same, but I’ll definitely try. It is hard to think quitting taking something I am used to such as caffeine. But I see she is doing great and happy living it healthy which makes it really encouraging for me to do the same.