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Healthy Eating 101: The Best Healthy Snack

While on the phone with one of my virtual clients last week, I had the best idea ever (in my opinion, that is) for a healthy snack. What I particularly love about this idea is that you can apply it to a ton of different food choices, and literally never run out of healthy snack ideas again.

Watch the quick video below for the idea:

In the comments, answer one of these two questions:
1. What is your favorite healthy snack currently?
2. What healthy snacks can you start incorporating into your repertoire after watching the video?

Healthy Eating 101: The Best Healthy Snack
  • jean

    Apples w/slice of cheeze; apples with tablespoon peanut butter; organic celery w/peanut butter and organic raisins; rice cake with half an avocado on top….
    Those are some of my faves!
    Great Post, Lizzie
    See you on the call.

    • Liz DiAlto

      did you get the ricecake idea from Mo? PB is so good, have you ever tried almond butter? Justin’s is my favorite brand 🙂

  • Lauren

    Apple with Almond butter or almonds; String Cheese and a piece of fruit; Laughing cow wedge and GG crackers or Ok-mok crackers; homemade trail mix; sometimes I like bars so in that case I like the Gnu Bars, and ThinkThin Protein Bars (Liz what are your comments on these bars?) also, how do you feel about Larabars (banana bread one)?

    • Liz DiAlto

      I like Think Thin because the ratio of carbs to fiber and protein is a good one, I also find them to be quite filling. Larabars, I like that they’re all “real food” for the most part, but find them to be higher in sugar and lower in protein than I prefer.

  • Natalie Sisson

    I love dipping a carrot into cottage cheese with chives. Does it for me! Great idea though Liz. What got me through my bodysculpting days was taking one yummy yet healthy meal and breaking it out into 3 snacks so I could graze every two hours.

    • Liz DiAlto

      In college I did a program called Body For Life…ate cottage cheese almost every day for 90 days-got so sick of it, but it was so good with fruit, I’d eat it with peaches, strawberries or pineapple. Yum!

      • Liz DiAlto

        Ooh, I also love it with tomato!

  • Paul Strobl, MBA (@CoachPaulStrobl)

    Dipping celery or carrots in hummus 🙂 Mmmmmm…

    • Liz DiAlto

      it’s too bad there isn’t more nutritional value to hummus, it’s mainly starch and fat. It tastes so good though! I love dipping cucumber in it 🙂