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Get Toned – I Want You To Take Action on your Goals

My intention this week is to push you up or push you out and show you how to better use me as a resource.

A few weeks ago, I wrote to you about heath and fitness goals.  More than 60 of you commented on that blog and received my Slammin’ Hot in 2012 Goal Setting Guide.

Did you fill it out?

Setting goals is the sexy, easy, and fun part.  The work you have to put in to actually hit them is where people get tripped up.

Back in October, I surveyed you about your top struggles with weight loss and getting in shape.  The most popular answers were motivation, time, and not knowing what to do.  Since then I’ve made a TON of videos on these topics.

Have you been taking action with the information?

If you spend any time on the blog you know my mission is to help 1000 women get in the best shape of their lives this year.  This only happens when you take action.

This week, I wanted to  make it REALLY EASY for you by compiling everything you need and putting it in one place.

YouTube now has a playlist function to make it easy to navigate channels instead of wasting time searching. It’s awesome and my assistant who’s also named Liz (love that) created playlists for you.

When you click the image below you’ll be redirected to my YouTube channel,  and you’ll see the same image on the right hand side.

Healthy Eating 101 covers everything you need to know to clean up your diet.

No equipment workouts are workouts you can do anywhere, anytime with little to no equipment (that also means no excuses like “It’s too cold to go to the gym!” not if you don’t have to leave the house.  Got ’em!)

Healthy Lifestyle for Women covers motivational topics, things like sleep, stress, dealing with a busy schedule, and more.

Go ahead, click on the image and get what you need, mama!


 And here’s two more hot topics I get questions about often:

Detoxing or doing a cleanse?  Read The Dirty Truth Behind Celebrity Cleanses

Want to know more about juicing? Read What is Green Juice & Why Should I Be Green Juicing

Now, for my action takers, once you watch a couple of videos, leave a comment with 1-2 action steps you can take THIS WEEK to get moving, or if you’ve already been making strides, to increase your learning curve and get you to those results, FASTER.

And if you have any questions, drop ’em like they’re hot.  You got this, woman!

Get Toned – I Want You To Take Action on your Goals
  • Genevieve

    For starters this post got me off me *ass* instead of just watching the videos I joined in the hotel and park workouts!! So I am panting as write this.

    Being on your list is beneficial in the sense that, sometimes I might “forget” or “ignore” the fact that I have the intention to get in shape and your swift kick in the behind emails are the push I needed to get the workout done. Thus bringing a great sense of accomplishment.

    The other thing I want to implement is to stop being a HUGE BITCH with myself. Instead of criticizing myself because I didn’t get a work out done or I ate a brownie to then feel like a complete failure. I will focus on the accomplishments. This is a process and I am working out a lot more than I was a few months ago and I am eating less sugar.

    Lastly I’ve been eating real lunches instead of eating endless snacks throughout the afternoon.

  • Angie


    I think what you are doing with your website is great. I stumbled across it a few days ago. It is great that you offer up so much of your time and information to help ladies, like myself, get in better shape. I can’t afford a personal trainer so I was researching on the web and that’s when I found you. I plan on implementing some of your ideas along with my gym routine.

    I will definitely be doing more plank combos. I hate crunches and I’m glad I came across your “time wasting” exercises. I also will try and change up my lunges and doing split squats some instead. It will take me a while to work up to being able to do very many due to poor balance, but a few are better than none!

    Thanks again for all your great tips. Wish I could afford to meet with someone like you to really help kick my butt into shape!

  • Erin Drew

    The video that just inspired and encouraged me the most was your interview with Tracy Matthews. Since I completed Tighter in 10 days, I noticed that I wasn’t feeling slowed down by all the sugar and sodium that had previously been in my diet. Also, about a month ago, I started cutting out dairy from my diet because I was having symptoms of lactose intolerance. Not having dairy or as much salt and sugar in my diet is a challenge, but I’m going to stick to it because I hated the way I felt when all of those things slowed me down! If Tracy totally cleansed her diet, I feel like I can at least stick to the few things I want to give up/cut back on!

  • Sil

    Loved the videos! Thanks! And I feel like it is so doable for me to decrease the carbs at every meal and double the veggies. My husband has made a low carb lifestyle change in the last year so I am already making him the faux mashed potatoes with cauliflower and the spaghetti squash instead of pasta. He is a big meat eater, though and I just don’t care to eat bacon or hamburgers or the amount of hot links and brats he eats. I prefer veggies!! So I know I can cut the carbs to half and double the veggies!!!

    I have started eating a whole wheat or whole grain english muffin for breakfast with cheese, tomato and roasted chicken breast or pan roasted turkey. Is that a good choice? I get the meat at the deli counter and worry about the amount of sodium in it.

    The kids love tacos and I usually make them once a week but for me I can do a bowl with spinach, tomatoes, avocado, cheese, mixed greens, and a small amount of ground beef or (preferably) chicken. No tortilla for me.

    Lunches are the hardest for me. Today I ate a pouch of the premium wild-caught pink salmon with a little mustard, nature’s seasoning and red wine vinegar. Red bell pepper and spinach would of been a good addition to that but I didn’t think about it at the time. Would that of been a good lunch?

    I’ve started sneaking more veggies into the kids’ meals- adding chopped spinach to chicken and chilli and no one has complained yet!!!

    I can cut up the veggies over the weekend and have easy options to just bag and go!!!! Great idea!!!

    Thanks for giving me the push I needed to make better choices!!

    • Liz DiAlto

      ask for low sodium at the deli counter and real carbs are always better than anything processed/manufactured. I prefer oats/oat bran in the morning to toast and etc.

      Keep going, you’re off to a great start!

  • Heather

    My community gym won’t let me bring in weights anymore and they don’t provide any. I’m going to watch/do “no equipment workouts” and I’m going to read the 5 diet rules to break. Thanks for the push in the right direction!

    • Liz DiAlto

      your community gym is whack…looks like more at home workouts for you, huh?

  • Heather


    I enjoy all of your emails and I do read them all. I’ve watched alot of your videos, if not most/all of them at some point or another. I particularly like the Healthy Eating 101, exercises without equipment, and BOOTY shakin’ tuesdays!! Your NYC apartment is very wee from what I can see, and you show us that you don’t need a whole gym floor in order to work out, and that alot can be done in a stationary position. You make the exercises look so easy, but when I go to do them I’m dying after just a few reps, so they definitely do work. I’m still guilty of not always eating breakfast, but when I do plan ahead (which is key) I always find myself not needing caffeine throughout the day and having so much energy when I work out before work. Your booty shakin’ tuesdays have also got me movin’ at work as well. I work in a pharmacy which can get quite stressful at times so every now and then I pull everyone into the dispensary and we all just have a wee booty shake (men included lol). Thanks for all your inspiration.

    Very thankful for all you do,

    • Liz DiAlto

      yesss! so happy to know the booty shakin’ spreading world wide. Thanks, Heather 🙂

  • Amy

    I enjoy every one of your emails. I have areas I want to work on and your videos and advice help me figure out different ways for me to accomplish that. Because I have followed you Tighter in 10 days program and try many of your others, not only am I reaching some of my goals but I am building confidence along the way. This past weekend I competed in the Warrior Dash. That was some of the most funi have ever had excercising and can’t wait to it it again. I would have never considered entering or that I could finish such a competition with out your guidance!! Thanks

    • Liz DiAlto

      Warrior Dash is no joke, what a great accomplishment for you, Amy. Congrats!

  • liz

    I love your emails and your website! Your videos are a great source of motivation when I’m feeling sluggish or in need of a new exercise. I’ve sent your site to many friends over the past year to inspire their workouts — it is wonderful to see someone I’ve known since high school doing awesome, empowering things with her career. Keep at it!

    • Liz DiAlto

      Really appreciate this, Liz-thanks!

  • Courtney Martin

    Well, one of the things I now do, which was inspired by your video, is the Booty Shakin’ Tuesdays. I’ll turn on a fast pumping song and just start dancing like crazy to it. Another thing I’ve learned from one of your videos is to just eat more vegetables and natural foods. 🙂