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Workout Routines for Women – Switch Up Your Push Ups

Want to learn some of my personal fitness secrets?

Four exercises that end up in most of my workouts and the workouts I design for clients are push ups, squats, lunges, and planks. I remember before I became a trainer, doing the same old thing every single time I was at the gym. That’s not how to sculpt a tight body…you’ve got to switch it up.

This is video blog post #1 of 4: Switch Up Your Workout Routine: Push Ups


Have a favorite push up that I didn’t cover in the video? Tell me what it is in the comments!

Workout Routines for Women – Switch Up Your Push Ups
  • Anne Kendall

    Fabulous..I had better begin NOW!!!

  • Leah

    My gymnastics coach (adult gymnastics classes- what, what!) has us do staggered -hand push ups. They’re a bitch but I love them. I’ve also been working up to those fancy tricep push ups where you keep your arms in tight by your sides. So far I can do one but soon it will be two. 🙂

    • Liz DiAlto

      I LOVE the tricep push ups. Ever try doing them on dumb bells? I like the leverage.
      Staggered push up is another good one too. I thought about making a video with 10 different ways, and decided that was a little crazy. 😛

  • Cathy

    My oh my! You certainly make it seem so easy to do! But it really ain’t that simple… Don’t you have any trick you can share on how to make sure you keep your body tight and straight? ‘Cause that’s one of my main struggles on doing push ups (besides not being strong enough in my arms to begin with…)! I always end up moving my body in halves: upper half goes down, ass sticks up in the air… If I force myself to do it straight, I can’t even do one without sweating a whole damm lot! Please, please, please, tell us your trick!

    • Liz DiAlto

      this is a great idea for a follow up video, thanks Cathy!

      • Cathy

        Please do it! I’ll be waiting for it!

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  • kaekay

    Any tips for people with weak wrists? Know push ups are great but the pain is definitely not.

    • Liz DiAlto

      Yes! you can try a few things:
      1. try them on your fists instead of your palms or holding a set of dumbells again, instead of on your palms
      2. the incline push ups where your upper body is leaning into the bench actually puts less pressure on your wrists than regular push ups

      Let me know which feels better for you!

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  • Dave

    Liz you are simply awesome! My wife is going to love these tips. Will definately tell her to check out some of your videos. You seem to know what your talking about. Thanks for the helpful insight.

    • Liz DiAlto

      you’re welcome, Dave…thank you!