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Workout Routines for Women – Switch Up Your Lunges

This is video #3 in a 4 part series where I’m teaching how to Switch Up Your Workout Routine.  Today’s exercise: Lunges!

CLICK PLAY on the video now:


If you missed video’s #1 and 2, click below to watch:

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Do you have a favorite lunge variation to switch up your routine?  Share it in the comments below!

Workout Routines for Women – Switch Up Your Lunges
  • Erin Drew

    haha “That’s a lotta lunges!” Great stuff!

    • Shawn

      Hey thanks for the ideas. Great video.

      I’ve found the most difficult, but effective lunge is the overhead lunge. So this means you hold a significantly heavy bar or dumb bell straight over head, and keep it up, while doing the entire set of lunges.

      The overhead lunge requires a good deal of flexibility, shoulder strength, and core strength to do efficiently, which means keeping it directly over head and not letting it sway.

      Good luck.

  • Sabine

    Great legs Liz :-))
    Oh, and great suggestions too!

  • Michelle

    Wow, great lower strength Liz. Very impressive. I hope to acquire that kind of energy and fitness as well. I enjoyed the video a lot.