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Armpit Fat Be Gone! 4 Underarm Fat Exercises


If you’ve clicked on this post 2013 or after, I’ve updated it.
While I don’t give fitness advice anymore, this is still the #1 viewed video I’ve ever posted on YouTube. I think that says a lot about our culture. The very culture I now work hard to change the conversation around.

If you’re interested in learning to love your body, not just punish her with exercise or focus entirely on external appearance, read this post.

And here’s the YouTube video you were looking for, it’s still a great workout 🙂

Armpit Fat Be Gone! 4 Underarm Fat Exercises
  • Ursula@Cutelicious

    Yes, back please! 🙂
    Thanks so much for this,

  • Krissy

    Great segment and as usual you are too much! you crack me up:) Will pass it along!
    Thanks Liz

  • Tina Pruitt

    Liz….love this video and your hot tips girl!  And super fun with the "raz-berries" at the end!  Looking forward to more vids! 
    xo, Tina

  • debbie

    Love your videos!! How do you get rid of bat arms?

    • Liz DiAlto

      What are bat arms, Debbie?

      • Jenna

        I’m guessing bat arms are the tricep area?

      • Sami

        Bat arms are when you hold your arms out straight (shoulder height) to your left or right (depends on arm) and you have the “fat” flab that “hangs down low” and wobbles and fros… 🙂 some have them huge enough they can tie em in a knot or tie em in a bow… Ok sorry that was the song hanging in my head. I really would like to know the exercises though to use because I have “BAD BAT WINGS” lol

  • Amy

    Hey liz will theses also help with "back Fat"  same area but behind the arm pit and just under it!!!

    • Liz DiAlto

      the push ups and plank rows will for sure!

  • Alexa

    age 15, and armpit "rolls". how do i get rid of that?

  • Kat

    I just found you and loved your video. I am def going to add this to my routine. How many of each exercise should I try to do in each set?