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Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips When You’re Tight On Time

This week on “Ask Liz: Fitness and Lifestyle Advice for Busy Women”, I’m tackling a question a lot of you probably have,

“How do I eat fresh fruits and vegetables when I don’t have time to go to the grocery store?”

It’s a great question and the mini crash course in time management that I give at the end of the video applies to ANYTHING you don’t have time for, not just grocery shopping, so watch the whole thing.

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After you watch the video I want to know two things in the comments:

1) How do you decide what’s worth your time and what isn’t?

2) What are your strategies for making time for the things that matter most?

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Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips When You’re Tight On Time
  • Edwina

    Great advice.  I know how tight my time gets.  But I love my fresh fruits and vegetables!  So every Saturday morning, I walk about 1 1/2 miles to the local farmer's market and buy my produce for the week.  I know it's fresh and I can often find things I would never find in the grocery store.  Plus it's great to know I'm supporting my local farmers.

  • Anna

    Thanks Liz! is a great source. I have an easier time in the summer getting fresh fruits and veggies because of access to farmers markets. Its tougher in the winter – I feel like produce from the grocery store only lasts 3 days or so that's when going to the store gets tougher. Thanks for the tips