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How To Overcome Fear

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Ever cry 17x in 2 weeks?

…or think stuff like this to yourself?

“You can’t do it.”

“You’re going to fail.”

Be honest, maybe not right at this moment, but as some point in the last week (or the last day), you’ve probably had some kind of negative emotion, worry thought, or fear cross your mind.

Personally, the month of August was kicking my ass up until this past weekend which is why I chose to answer this particular question for Ask Liz this week. (And Yes, 17x is about how many times I cried in the last two weeks…busted!)

Overcoming fear is no easy task.  I once had a coach who said his job was to ask me the questions I needed answers to.

In this episode of Ask Liz, I walk through a step-by-step process of how to overcome fear and some important questions to ask yourself along the way

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I suspect a lot of people aren’t even ready for the content in this video, it’s a bit outside the usual scope of my advice, but there’s onlyone way to find out.  CLICK PLAY to watch the video now.

And when you finish, tell me in the comments what you do when you notice fear is holding you back.

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How To Overcome Fear
  • Monique

    This couldn't have been more perfect timing, Liz.  Thanks for the video.  I woke up this morning not wanting to even open up my laptop and get to my daily posts/emails.  I am excited for my trip coming up in a couple weeks to cover New York Fashion Week beauty…and at the same time nervous for the work that is ahead of me.  My stomach was a bit notty (sp?) and my chest felt a bit tight, and that dumb voice in my head would give me bullsh** retorts.  Now I have mantra, so thank you.  I feel relaxed. 
    Time to go treat myself for the rest of the day.  I'm going to have my favorite food, Mexican ;), and then walk to an antique store for some inspiration all while taking in my mantra.
    Life is great.
    Oh, and this video will definitely be on repeat!

    • Liz DiAlto

      How serendipitous, was walking through SoHo this morning wondering when you'd be here for Fashion Week…I can't believe what a difference mantras make.  I also just started reading Dr Wayne Dyer's The Power of Intention…really really good so far. Love you!

  • Edwina

    Thanks for this video.  I'm going through massive change in my life right now.  And sometimes I'm really excited about it.  Other times, I'm absolutely terrified and it can truly paralyze me and keep me from doing what I need to in order to keep moving ahead.  Your message came just at the right time to remind me that most great things in our lives come with some uncertainty and fear.  And your tips for facing that fear were just what I needed to hear.

  • Sheila

    Loved the video, Liz. You are too cute by the way! When I feel fear I meditate and as I breathe in and out I think of words that help me let go of my fear (resistance) and allow my vibration to raise. Some of my favorite words are ease, flow, love, allow, and peace.

    It's so interesting how emotions show up in the body isn't it? Most people don't realize that our bodies have a very real physiological response to the emotions that we feel… and when you ignore it, it just gets louder and louder until it's a full blown migraine, fatigue, digestive issues, and so on.

    So cool that you were aware of it and were able to shift your feelings to an empowered place. You're gonna rock the 2.0 program, girl!

  • Eileen

    I love what you said about making yourself ready to face the fear!This is really helpful for me.I usually dont feel good about myself and my life and I tend to escape my fears quite often.That is not what I want.I knew about the beliefs,but this other step was new for me.I think knowing this,will get me forwards! Thanks.