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Milk Substitutes : How To Make Your Own Almond Milk

Of all the milk substitutes available (soy, almond, hemp, cashew, hazelnut, coconut, rice and more) my favorites are coconut, almond and cashew-in that order.

Unfortunately coconut milk is a bit more of a pain in the ass to make so my go-to milk substitutes to make at home are almond and cashew. Below you will find the simple recipe and steps I use to make them.

*NOTE* I use a Vitamix which is the greatest blender of all time. I’m not saying you need a Vitamix to use this recipe, but I am saying I’ve never used anything but a Vitamix for it so I can’t guarantee the results! If you attempt it with a different kind of blender, I’d love to know in the comments how it goes so I can let people know when they ask me in the future though.

Interested in getting a Vitamix? Click the image below, it’s my affiliate link and you’ll get FREE shipping, holler!


STEP 1: Soak 1 cup of almonds or cashews for at least 8 hours up to 24.

If you’re feeling really crazy, you can even go halfsies and mix the two!

All you need is enough water to cover them completely in the bowl. Then put them in the fridge.

STEP 2: Drain and rinse your soaked nuts (bonus points if you can read that without giggling a little)

STEP 3: Add nuts to blender with 5-6 cups of water and blend on high for at least 1 minute

Blending time will vary depending on what kind of blender you use. Amount of water depends on how thick or creamy your like your milk. I mainly use it for smoothies and lattes and nuts are kind of expensive these days so I use 6 cups pretty consistently.

OPTIONAL: I love the flavor of this as-is, but if you need a sweetener you can add raw honey, agave, or
stevia to taste. I’ve also tried adding a little cinnamon and it was lovely.

STEP 4: Strain the milk to remove all the grainy stuff.

The BEST option for straining is to get an actual nut milk bag. You can order them on Amazon or get one at a health food store. In this picture, you can see I don’t have one so what I did was put a cheese cloth over a strainer…the combination of the two worked just fine. One or the other would not have worked alone as neither were fine enough to catch the grainy stuff.

STEP 5: Store in mason jars, refrigerate, and enjoy!

That’s it. An easy way to make milk substitutes like almond or cashew milk at home. 

Click here to find out one of my favorite ways to use it –> Healthy Chai Latte.

Milk Substitutes : How To Make Your Own Almond Milk
  • Heather

    Looks delicious and easy (and no I couldn’t read “Step 2” without letting out a little Beavis ‘heh heh’ chuckle out). I’ve always been too lazy to make my own almond milk but you’ve inspired me to give it a shot. Thanks lady!

  • Kaela

    Hi Liz,

    Which Vitamix blender do you use? I have been dying to get one!


    • Liz DiAlto

      Hey Kaela, I actually bought a refurbished one-it’s like $150 cheaper than a brand new one and works just the same and has the same warranty 🙂

      • Marsha

        Hi Liz – where did you find a refurbished Vitamix?? would like to get my hands on one myself.

        • Liz DiAlto

          Hi Marsha,
          Use this link:

          when you get there, on the top right type “reconditioned” into the search box. You’ll see the options, they start at $329. When you check out, make sure the promo code 06-007668 is in the promo box and you’ll get free shipping. It’s my perk as an affiliate, I get to offer you a few bucks off the shipping 🙂

  • Nina

    I use my osterizer blender and it works just fine. It would be quicker in a vitamix but I use what I’ve got on hand. The nutbag makes life easier. But I just don’t love the taste of the homemade almond milk. It’s better with a little vanilla and raw honey but something is still missing…

    • Liz DiAlto

      what’s missing is the preservatives we’ve come used to tasting, too 😛

  • Ali

    Liz do you peel the almonds before blending or blend with skins on??

    • Liz DiAlto

      I didn’t even know you could peel almonds! Skins on 🙂

  • Ashley Moak

    This looks delicious and easy! This may be an amateur question, but what is Vitamix and what are the benefits?