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How To Be A Super Mom with Rebekah Borucki (

In this video Rebekah Borucki ( tells us How To Be A Super Mom -while still taking care of yourself! Bex has 4 kids, has a YouTube channel with over 70,000 subscribers, tons of stuff going on in her business AND she is teaching a course with Danny-J of The Sweaty Betties called The Social Academy


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Learn more about Bex at (this is also where you can find the tanks we talked about at the end of the interview!)

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How To Be A Super Mom with Rebekah Borucki (
  • Anne Peguero

    Thanks for “introducing” me to Rebekah! My girl turned 9 months old today and I’m loving Rebekah’s insight into being a great mom and making exercise and “me” time my mindset and priority everyday. Gonna follow her right now!