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New Year, New Vagina!


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Vaginal Kung Fu


I’ve never done a guest post here before – but this is a very special subject so it called for one of the top experts in the world.

Several months ago I came across Kim Anami’s work via this post about love your breasts and I instantly fell in love with her.

Kim is a globe-trotting coach, national media commentator and luxury retreat curator—with a book in the works, and a bodaciously blooming business.

You know I’m all about body love – this includes your WHOLE BODY and your sexual organs are a vital part of what make you a woman.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 2.03.20 PMKim’s musings on love, life and sex graced the pages of Playboy, Flare, Marie Claire, Glamour, the Georgia Straight, and radio and television programs from national talk shows to CNN, with audiences ranging from 50K to 7 million. So you can trust that you and your vagina are in good hands.


Out with the old, in with the new.

Have you ever wondered if your vagina can perform better?

If it can feel more, give you better orgasms and ejaculate across the room?

You aren’t alone.

Most women have numb and vastly under-functioning vaginas.

Women who rarely experience the power of life-changing vaginal orgasms have

become the norm.

It isn’t meant to be that way.

Frozen genitals are a product of a culture that devalues sex.

They are the microcosm of a world that is “out of touch” with its sexuality.

Your genitals (male and female) are meant to be living, breathing, sentient, conscious


They have not only wisdom and pleasure to impart, but their essence, your sexual

essence is the deep expression of who you are.

Literally, your genetic blueprint is housed here. This is the seat of your creative and

reproductive power.

The vast majority of women (and men) have no idea what their genitals are capable of.

They accept untruths like:

– Not all women can have vaginal orgasms

– Vaginas naturally fall out after a while

– Urinary incontinence is a reality post-childbirth

While these statements reflect the current state of vaginal truth, they aren’t facts.

And they can be easily changed.

The truth is that your vagina can function like your hand: it can grip and articulate and

pick up objects and throw them across the room. It can impart pleasure and give you

orgasms that totally change your life and help you to self-actualize as a person.

If your vagina isn’t doing these things, it’s not optimizing its full potential.

And neither are you.

If you are disconnected from your vagina, you are disconnected from your sexuality. If

you are disconnected from your sexuality, you are disconnected from life itself.

Sexual energy is life force energy. It is the energy that creates new life.

When it is flowing smoothly through your life, it acts as a life-giving, rejuvenating and

healing power.

When it’s stuck, it does the opposite. It sucks everything else into it like a vortex.

Stuck sexual energy leads to everything from weight gain, depression, lethargy, rage

and low libido.

And it all starts in the vagina.

Most women have weak, disconnected vaginas because:

1) They are out of touch with their sexuality

2) They’ve been told to do their Kegels.

Don’t do your Kegels!!

They don’t work.

Kegels are useless for building pelvic floor strength. Doing a Kegel and expecting

results is like going to the gym, walking past all the weights and machines, and waving

your arms and legs around in the air for five minutes.

Why does anyone go to they gym?

To lift weight.

Why do you lift weight?

You need resistance to build strength.

Ta da.

I’m dedicating January to vaginal truth. I’ll be doing an education and re-education on

all things vagina, including showing you how to truly strengthen your pelvic floor and

reconnect to your sexual energy.

It’s my truth that all women ought to be able to:

– Have more orgasms

– Have better orgasms

– Ejaculate on demand. All women can ejaculate. One of the main reasons they don’t is

because they have weak pelvic floor muscles.

– Eliminate urinary incontinence and keep all of her internal organs

– Have an off-the-charts libido. When the vagina is weak, it feels numb. Sex is ten

thousand times more pleasurable with a sensitive and articulate vagina.

– Be able to shoot ping pong balls from her vagina. This is every woman’s God-given


Want more

vaginal truth?

Because if Santa forgot to give you a new vagina for Xmas, I’ll give you one instead.


If you can’t make the webinar but want to learn more from Kim, click the image below for details on her Vaginal Kung Fu program, for which I am a proud affiliate. More women need extra bliss and extra orgasms in their lives 😉

Vaginal Kung Fu

New Year, New Vagina!
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