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Year-In-Review 2013-2014 by Liz DiAlto

It’s been a wild year.

I actually started writing this on July 1, 2014.

Here’s what I wrote:

My life looks completely different than it did a year ago.

In July 2013 I was in a relationship, but it was one of the loneliest times of my life. I was complacent in my business, surrounded by super successful friends feeling inadequate on a daily basis. Somehow I was experiencing gratitude and joy, too. Probably because my one-bedroom Laguna Beach apartment had a killer view of the Pacific Ocean and you can’t escape gratitude in the presence of that much beauty.

But then I stopped writing and thought,

“What the hell am I doing? Who’s actually gonna read this? AND do I really want to track back into the past? I’ve come so far, maybe I should just leave it there.”

And I did, for over a month.

Here I am again though, armed with an outline which I will likely abandon (I don’t do structure so well), and this feeling rising up from my chest into my throat that won’t let me quit again.

If you know anything about the Chakra system, that’s my heart giving me the nudge to tell the truth, to speak up, express myself, be creative and put it all out there.

This is a feeling I’ve come to know and feel for A LOT. It’s actually the feeling that’s preceded some of the very best choices I’ve made in the last year. Some painful, exhilarating, seemingly unreasonable, highly liberating, very powerful choices.

As I sit here now, I’m in a different relationship. One that actually feels like a partnership. It also kind of feels like a dream, maybe it is. Or maybe, heaven is right here on earth and that’s what I’m experiencing now.

I am at peace with my body and my business and both are highly attuned to a mission I am clear about (Finally!! It only took me 12 years).

The non-romantic relationships in my life also feel very different. Super expansive, loving, and supportive. There’s an overarching absence of neediness and a presence of acceptance that feels so damn good. And so damn new!

I did a lot of “un-learning” in the last 12 months. I took people off pedestals and allowed myself to rise. I gave myself permission to write a new set of rules as I went along and I continue to allow myself to be flexible.

I also changed my way of being with the help of an incredible coach.

As I wrote this I realized my last year follows the topics of Wild Soul Movement:

Surrender + Release
Trust + Receiving
Wild Dreaming + Desire
Creation + Inner Wisdom

When I started my intention for this “year-in-review” writing adventure was to be a mix of reflecting and teaching. After writing a few months, my intention shifted to just finishing the damn thing. This was really hard to write. Very healing though and a very deep reflection that invited me to process and integrate many of the pieces I thought I had already but hadn’t.

Throughout the document I’m going to give you lots of dirty details on what I was going through and how I navigated it – the good AND the bad. A really big breakthrough for me this year was realizing that processing good stuff requires just as much if not more energy and attention than processing bad stuff. I’d been taking for granted that good stuff just feels good and doesn’t have an emotional toll. The subconscious disagrees.

I’ll share writings and teachings of my own and the people who have had the greatest influence on me. I reference books a lot and people always ask me for a reading list, so I’ll also include what I was reading each month.

I found it impossible to include every story and detail without turning this into a full blown book, so if you want extra details, you can find some in my blog Archives which are categorized by month and topic.

A lot of things that happened this year can’t actually be put into words, so they will remain sacred memories.

As I proofread and edited I noticed that this really isn’t my best writing in some places, but I’m publishing anyway. There are months where my stories and details are a little all over the place and I left them that way because I was a little all over the place those months.

This is Life.

As a whole this entire thing is about relationships. My relationship to myself, to my business, to money, to my body, to energy, to God and to Love.

The morning I finished writing it, I went downstairs so Mike could hold me while I cried and I said to him, “Getting everything I’ve ever wanted in one year was fucking intense.”

To the wild ride that lies behind me, and the one we’re about to embark upon together.

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Year-In-Review 2013-2014 by Liz DiAlto