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Getting Paid and Feeling Good – Do Both with Danielle LaPorte

The purpose of this post is to jam on two things: Using Core Desired Feelings as a personal navigation system, and my brilliant friend Danielle LaPorte’s new Desire Map Licensing Program.

I realized this Fall as I did close to 80 one-off calls that a lot of you who read my blog are coaches, teachers, healers, yoga instructors, and fitness professionals with a desire to expand your business and practice and to feel more authentic with your offerings.

If that’s you, you’re gonna LOVE this!

If it’s not, read on anyway because all humans can benefit from connecting to Core Desired Feelings.

Women ask me all the time for book recommendations for all kinds of situations.

“I don’t know what to do with my life, I feel stuck.’
“I want to explore spirituality.”
“How do I get out of my head?”
“Im going through a break up.”
“I’m uncertain about my career.”
“I want to learn how to trust my intuition.”
“How do I stop these negative thought patterns that control my life?”

Approximately 98% of the time the book I recommend is Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map. It’s all about feeling the way you want to feel and allowing that to be your compass for life. It’s ground-breaking, genius, and my very favorite tool to use in my own life and with clients.

Maybe you’re already familiar with it.

My current Core Desired Feelings are Unbounded Ecstasy, Awakened Aphrodite, Wild, Supple and Satiated. They’re just a few months old and already I have been called into major shifts in my life under their guidance.

Mike and I even picked Core Desired Feelings for our relationship a few weeks ago, Dynamic, Passionate, Fully Embraced.

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time you’ve heard me mention The Desire Map before as I’ve been using it for years. This was the first year I started using it regularly with clients and in my groups.

I loooovvee witnessing the things that become available for my women once they’re in hot pursuit of Core Desired Feelings.

We’ve all heard the term, “a new lease on life”…working with Core Desired Feelings is more like having a new magic carpet for life.

And if you work with clients in any way and have ever had that feeling of getting stagnant in your practice, same deal. Introducing CDFs is like taking a defibrillator to your work.

Here’s what a few of my ladies have to say about it:

“THANK YOU for that hour of power. Seriously, that was awesome. I feel like you “get” me, which is a bit nutty since we’ve never met, but I’m going with it.

My CDFs are official now:
fer?x | shakti | curated | lavish”

“Liz, thank you for today. I feel alive when I talk to you! One of my Core Desired Feelings comes from my time with you. That’s so rad!”

For the coaches, teachers, healers, therapists, yoga instructors or anyone who does deep transformational work with clients, you’ll be super jazzed to know Danielle and her team created a Licensing Program so you can now more effectively use the Desire Map in your work. This means workshop formats, activities, resources, tools, support and more all done for you.

This summer I got to attend a Desire Map workshop with Danielle LaPorte herself. It was kind of like being able to chat with Jesus about the stories in the Bible. Even if she hadn’t been there though, the experience of sharing, owning, expressing and feeling CDFs in a group – so damn good!

DSC6520_137 copy

The Licensing Program is especially exciting if you’ve been craving more intimate connection and deeper revelations with your clients.

Even if you don’t work with clients yet but you’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit or dreams of leaving your day job, you might really dig it. Did you know most people who attend yoga teacher trainings have no intention of ever actually teaching yoga? They go to deepen their own practice. I see the Desire Map Licensing Program having similar value.


Because I am a huge fan of this work and Danielle, I’m proud to be affiliate parter for the program, and if you click here to check it out and sign up, I get a little kick back – so do me a favor and let me know if you do (email because I’d love to gift you a 1:1 call ($300 value) to say thanks :)

Some of the most popular topics on my one-off calls this winter were business, marketing, branding, personal issues, Core Desired Feelings, sensuality, sexuality, healing, forgiveness. You name it. We can jam on whatever you want.

Three things I want to share in full transparency:

1. Even if there wasn’t a kick back, I’d be writing this blog post because there would be no Wild Soul Movement without the Desire Map. My former CDFs Connected, Free, Wildly Feminine, and Ease helped bring this movement into the world.

2. I am not doing the licensing program myself. The only reason being I made a firm commitment this year to not do any digital programs. 2015 is all about in-person, hands on learning for me. If that wasn’t the case I’d be all over it. I have however spoken with women who are doing it, some who helped pilot test it and Danielle herself and that is why I feel 100% confident recommending it.

3. Real talk – if you are a coach, healer, teacher, yoga instructor or etc, and you are hoping that the Licensing Program is like a business-in-a-box, great news, it is! You can actually scroll down on this page and see some potential earnings projections. However, that does not mean you won’t have to work the program to get it to work for you OR that you’ll turn into Danielle LaPorte by osmosis, so if that’s what you’re hoping for, don’t sign up. What you put into it is what you get out of it and very few investments like this are ever overnight or “replicate the creator” success tools.

Even if you’re not interested in the Licensing Program, you’re just wondering if all this feeling stuff is worth it for yourself or your clients, here’s my experience with it:

In a culture that prefers we seek validation outside of ourselves by honoring goals, achievement, measurable metrics of success (rankings, profits, market share, etc), it’s not only liberating, but quite radical to say, no, I’m going to let my feelings guide me. – Click To Tweet

This is something I’d done casually since 2010, but I really deeply devoted myself to these feelings in September 2014.

Over the years I’ve shared this quote from the Desire Map with clients and in interviews so many times,
“When you are devoted to feeling the way you want to feel, you become less attached to the form things show up in.” –Click to Tweet

This means if you don’t get the promotion, instead of being devastated or feeling inadequate, you trust it’s for the best and move on.

When a relationship ends, you allow yourself to grieve, heal and feel all the feelings, then enjoy the abundance of energy that’s now available for YOU, and redistribute it however you desire.

When your body gives you signals or your intuition fires up, you don’t logic your way out of it, you trust it, effectively becoming a magnet for magic, miracles and unexpected opportunities.

Feeling good becomes a consistent habit.
Not feeling good still happens, but is way less common and doesn’t last as long as it used to.

Can you see why this is my #1 favorite tool for cultivating my wildest dreams?

By releasing attachment to how things show up, we take off the blinders and become available for joy, love, and fulfillment of our desires in ways we never imagined.

We begin to question the culture, conditioning and programming we’ve agreed to our whole lives. We get to take it all apart and put it back together in a way that nourishes us as individuals, not as cogs in a societal system (snooze!).

With carefully curated feelings steering the ship, life becomes a playground for infinite possibility.-Click to Tweet



Email if you sign up for The Desire Map Licensing program with my link so we can schedule your 1:1 call for February (after you’ve had some time to check out the material). xo!

Getting Paid and Feeling Good – Do Both with Danielle LaPorte