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EP112: Conscious Rant: Mind-Body Mastery – What to Do With All That Time You Spend in Your Head


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For almost this whole year, something has been bugging me about the tagline you’ve probably heard me use many different times, “Get out of your head and into your body.”

There are two implications that weren’t sitting well with me:
1) That head and body are separate…hello! The head is attached to the body 🙂
2) That being in your body is “better than” being in your head.

So much of what we do here is about INTEGRATING mind, body, and soul, and FULLY ACCEPTING every single part of yourself.

That said, we’ll be changing up our languaging around this and bringing light to how beautiful the mind actually is – especially, when you’re putting practices into place to leverage it by connecting with your body and soul, too and that’s what today’s conscious rant is all about. Enjoy!

What You’ll Hear:
2:22 The body and mind as equally important
8:56 How the body’s wisdom fuels the power of the mind

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EP112: Conscious Rant: Mind-Body Mastery – What to Do With All That Time You Spend in Your Head
  • Karissa

    Hey Elizabeth, so great to hear you mention Human Design! It is such a powerful system that really puts all the pieces together on how to make decisions that are right for YOU. It slows you down and gets you in touch with what is really happening, not what you think is happening. I’m a 5/1 Splenic Projector BTW.