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EP34: Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself


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In this episode, I answer the following question:

What were the thoughts and rituals behind your recent name change from Liz to Elizabeth?

What You’ll Hear:

4:02 My Facebook post on my name change
7:30 The current way of being + the new way of being
12:15 My name passing physical ritual

Angela Lauria

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EP34: Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself
  • alv8706

    Elizabeth, I absolutely loved this podcast! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have so much to say about it. (1) I loved the discussion on the name changes.I am a therapist, and at work, most clients cannot say my real name, so I changed it to Camilla, which is a name I’ve always loved (no middle name here). However, I now see it as ‘Camilla, the therapist’ stays at my job when I go home and Alvely goes home and continues life as I live it outside of my job. It has been such a healthy tool for me as I can consciously choose to be present and only focus on my clients/work when I’m at my job as Camilla, and be present when I am home with my husband, friends etc. With my job being as emotionally draining and stressful as it is, I believe doing this has definitely helped me keep my sanity. (2) your ritual to Liz was incredible. It reminded me very much of something I did in a shamanic course I am taking. I can only imagine that listening to what Liz taught others, was such a humbling, incredible experience as that is how I felt when I did the same exercise with my shamanic sisters. (3) there is one more thing I wanted to mention about this podcast, but I cannot remember it. So I will end it with sending you my gratefulness for existing, for being so vulnerable in such a powerful and inspiring way, and for being so fucking awesome! I look forward to getting your book! You are a powerhouse of inspiration and love. Gracias!

    • Elizabeth DiAlto

      Thank you so much, Alvely. I love that you have a different name for your professional life…being able to leave it there and not taking it home is GENIUS!