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EP50: Jesse Elder on Experiencing Yourself as The Miracle You Are


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This is a SUPER special episode as Jesse Elder was my coach, someone who has impacted almost every area of my life in 2015. I often describe him as “Bruce Lee meets Jesus” … listen/watch to find out why!

About Jesse Elder:

Former competitive martial artist and owner of a chain of martial arts studios, Jesse Elder now works with some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs to clear the blockages that the prevent them from going to a higher level. I first met him at an event in January 2015. He only spoke on stage for 10 minutes and by the time it was over, I *knew* he was my next mentor. He’s one of the rare people who I always get value from interacting with, whether it’s at a live event in his home, on our weekly coaching calls or even a simple text message. He’s a total Lighthouse and I am so excited to introduce you to him today!

In this episode, Jesse shares:

1. Gaining confidence through evidence
2. Study vs Training (and the elements of effective training for any individual)
3. The pleasure that comes from making mistakes

What You’ll Hear:
7:17 Jesse’s money journey
11:01 The three reasons people disallow the flow of money
18:05 Learned helplessness + measuring progress backwards
24:01 The concept of study vs. training
30:57 Why the highest form of service is putting yourself first
35:47 Jesus, Bruce Lee, and always seeking joy
42:00 Practicing the master skill: How to guide yourself to come back into alignment with the
truth of who you actually are

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Learned Optimism by Martin Seligman

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EP50: Jesse Elder on Experiencing Yourself as The Miracle You Are