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EP71: Wild Soul Story: Coming Home To Your Body For Life


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This is a series of interviews we’ll be airing once-ish a month sharing stories of women who have said yes to untaming themselves and freeing their wild souls more deeply through my courses, programs, mentorship and events. My partner Michael often says in his men’s work, “What one man can do, any man can do” and we believe the same of all women (and humans, really). That is the purpose of this series, to show you what’s possible for your life and your unique journey as a woman.

About Sarah L’hrar:

Sarah is 38, a fashion designer and astrologer living in Montreal, Canada.
Mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend.

In this episode, Sarah shares:

1. What it’s like to make peace with your body for the first time ever
2. What happened when she started listening to her body’s clues
3. How she let go of trying to be someone else
4. How the Wild Soul Movement practice helped her process some grief she didn’t know she was bottling up inside

What You’ll Hear:

6:29 Sarah’s intentions starting the WSM program vs the outcome
12:07 How loving herself has caused change in her life
15:57 How she approached the practice and the community
22:22 Following what resonates and finding your own voice

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EP71: Wild Soul Story: Coming Home To Your Body For Life