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EP75: Sarah Jenks on Real Talk About Bodies, Beauty, Motherhood and Emotional Eating


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Sarah Jenks is one of my favorite friends on the planet and has been ever since November 2010. She’s the friend who will always shoot you straight and do it with love exactly when you need it. Now that she’s a mom with two littles under three, she’s even more discerning and straight forward because ain’t no mamas got time to waste! We take a deep dive into new motherhood in this conversation, why things don’t have to be beautiful in order to love them (like your babies when they’re fresh out of the womb and haven’t settled into not being crammed in there quite yet!), relating to emotional eating through physical sensations and more. I love this woman with all my heart – enjoy listening to us catch up and jam on some of women’s biggest issues.

About Sarah Jenks:
Most importantly, Sarah Jenks is a woman who loves to have deep and meaningful conversations, dance, play outside, decorate, pray and spend time with herself.
She is also a mother to an exuberant baby boy, Marshall, a beautiful daughter, Annabelle, and a wife to the most thoughtful, handsome, intelligent man, Jonathan.

She’s from a small town outside of Boston where she grew up with loving parents who loved each other very much, and two younger, confident, creative siblings.

She is a recovering perfectionist. She used to wear makeup everyday and made sure the house was always pristine. She’s learning to let that all go in service of being real and spontaneous.

Sarah attended Williams College where she threw a lot of parties and was the president of her class. She majored in Psychology and took a ton of Art History classes. She plans on owning a house in her college town someday. She and Jonathan will probably be those old people doing keg stands on the porch.

After college she had a short stint in event planning, then PR and then became and account manager at an advertising firm where she spent more time binging on chocolate in the supply closet than doing her work. She then figured out what she wanted to be when she grew up and attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Most of her training comes from my unending curiosity about her own inner world. She has been coached and trained by some of the best therapists, life coaches, intuitives, spiritual teachers and healers in the world.
She was voted “Miss tell it like it is” in her high school yearbook, so expect a healthy dose of honesty and bluntness, and she will probably make you cry, in a good way.

Her favorite food is red wine.

Sarah loves to tell stories, and has been told she’s pretty good at it. And she does so weekly on her site, so to make sure you don’t miss anything, she would love for you to sign up for updates.

In this episode, Sarah shares:

1. Tending to your body as a mother
2. You don’t have to be beautiful to be loved
3. How to be resourceful when you don’t have a ton of resources
4. Navigating the physical and emotional sides of dealing with food
5. Your Life is worth working on

What You’ll Hear:

5:49 How the way she runs things changed after becoming a mom
9:42 Rituals, transitioning, and coming back into yourself
13:21 Grieving and honoring the person you were before you gave birth
18:17 How some people are naturally inclined to motherhood when others aren’t
22:58 How to experiment in being more resourceful in life when you don’t have the resources
31:37 Sensualism and the fullness of an experience
35:51 How we don’t have to think we’re beautiful to love our bodies + disentangling health from beauty

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EP75: Sarah Jenks on Real Talk About Bodies, Beauty, Motherhood and Emotional Eating
  • Loren Gail

    How many people really live this way ? Sarah sounds like she lives in LaLa land . We all can’t hire help for every aspect of our lives and even $15 an hour is a lot of money for a young couple with a newborn. Where I live a housekeeper charges a minimum of $100 a visit. My friends and I cannot afford this at this time in our lives. How can she possibly advise woman when she has no idea how “we” live? Most of what she is saying is nonsense and meaningless .

    • Elizabeth DiAlto

      This is a great conversation point. A lot of people live this way – and a lot of people don’t. Sarah’s advice of course, is not universal to every woman. Appreciate your opinion, Loren!

  • Marie Beckley

    I remember so well the day I had my daughter and “waiting” for that “euphoric mother” feeling to hit me. I was sure there was something wrong with me. I thought about it a lot and didn’t discuss it with anyone because I was ashamed that I didn’t feel “the feeling”. I even told my daughter not long ago (now 30 and pregnant with her fourth) that I wasn’t really a “great” mom. I guess what I was really saying is what Sarah was talking about: I wasn’t a “natural”. I had c-sections with all three pregnancies and always thought that maybe it had something to do with not feeling “the feeling” I was searching for. I even said to myself, “well maybe “this” is “that” feeling” and it’s just different for me. I’m so glad you’re having this conversation with new (and old) moms. And I did LOVE being pregnant. I felt a real loss when my babies were born.

    • Elizabeth DiAlto

      This is a super beautiful share, Marie. Thank you so much <3