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As I write this it’s October 22, 2015. Just about two years ago (Oct 19, 2013), I was sitting in a booth at Nick’s in Laguna Beach when two very striking 6 foot+ dudes walked in to have lunch with me. One was Samuel Hershberger, who is now like a little brother to me and the other was Michael Hrostoski, who I now live with in Carlsbad, CA.

The first question Michael asked me was, “What’s something you don’t want anyone to know about you right now?”

I remember thinking, “Is this guy nuts?” And I would learn throughout that weekend, and the next several months, that yeah, he’s kind of nuts, my kind of nuts. The kind of nuts I’ve been looking for my whole life and never even knew existed.

Today, I’m writing this blog as a love letter, an invitation, and a testament to my greatest partner and teacher in Life to honor the doors opening to Fall Session of his flagship program, The School For Men.

Disclaimer: I’m enormously biased as I’ve seen the results of his work in my own life and met several of his clients over the years before and after their work with him and witnessed their transformations. I’m also a referral partner because one of the top struggles I hear from women doing their own personal work is that it’s hard to meet conscious men or they are with men who want to do the work and don’t have as many resources.

So…meet your best resource for men’s work ladies and gentlemen, my love, Michael Hrostoski – through my experience.

* * *


I was having a little trouble putting all of this into words, then I asked myself, “What do I want the world to know about him?” and decided to just use that as my prompt.

So, what do I want to tell the world about you?

I want the world to know that there’s a direct relationship between the depth of love and connection I feel for myself and the length of time we’ve been together. Through you I get to love me more.

I want the world to know that I spent 31 years pretending I wasn’t angry at anyone about anything until you saw it in me and wouldn’t let me hide anymore. I want the world to know how many times you’ve been there, solid as a rock for me when I needed to crumble so I could come back together more powerfully, with my heart ready and willing to give and receive more, and stay open.

I want the world to know that I tried my best to push you away and find reasons to run and we’re both still here, together, committed, more grounded, connected and in it than ever.

I want the world to know how frustrating it is to live with you sometimes because you hold the triggers to all the things I need to see in myself so I can heal them and move forward.

I want the world to know how smart you are and that you are a bottomless container for love and compassion. I want the world to know that you can handle anything. In fact, I spent my whole life believing that no one could handle me and so I called in relationships where it was true, I made it true. And I tried to do that with you – but you can handle me…and for the first time ever, I’m willing to be handled, because it feels SAFE.

I want the world to know you are safe space.

I want the world to know how many of your clients I’ve met before and after their work with you and the monumental difference in their confidence, power, energy, and ability to connect with people genuinely and meaningfully.

I want the world to know how hard you work on yourself, and how committed you are to doing your own work and that’s why you are the #1 life coach for men in the world (not just in my opinion, but also according to the great Oracle of the modern world – Google.) I want the world to know how unafraid you are to fail, to get back up, to try again, and to tell the truth.

I want the world to know how good it feels to be in your presence, to learn from you and along side you. I want the world to know how talented you are as a facilitator and space holder.

I want the world to know that this thing you’ve created, The School For Men, is the best investment any man can make in himself if he has a desire in any way for any person to feel any of the ways I feel about you about him too. But more importantly if he wants to feel any of these things for himself.

And finally, I want any man reading this to know to know that there are people in the world who are rooting for you. That not everyone blames you for everything or wants to make you wrong. I want men to know there is a community waiting for you, a brotherhood who will see you, hear you, accept you and never shame you for having feelings, fears, or doubts, who also won’t be threatened by your progress or try to tear you down or compete with you.

So if you’re a man, or you have a man in your life whom you love and feel compelled to share this information with him, please do. Enrollment for The School for Men is open through October 31. If you have any questions about the program or the curriculum, all the details are here.

And if you have any specific questions, email – be sure to let them know Elizabeth sent you :)


For The Wild Soul Men
  • Mike Hrostoski

    Thanks babe. This is our life! Woo hoo! We did it! :’)

  • Leon Streete

    Thanks for sharing this Liz. Heartfelt, filled with love and great to meet you Michael. I wish you all the best with The School for Men

  • Cordelia F Brabbs

    This is so gorgeous, I love being inspired by your relationship – it gives me faith those awesome conscious guys are out there! Any chance you want to create a dating site featuring Mike’s graduates? 😉