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2 Rampant Misconceptions That Make You Fat AND Cause Cancer

This message is particularly important not just for looks-but for your health and a living a long, beautiful life.

Since November I’ve not only been studying and educating myself in nutrition so I can better guide my clients, but also so I can lead by example and be walking proof of what I promote.

A comment on a FB status I posted last week prompted this topic because it was another reminder that people are sorely misinformed via all kinds of advertising and media about food.  So unless you enjoy stomach aches, extra fat and cellulite on your body, allergies and high risk for cancer, check out this weeks video to find out how to get smart and avoid these risks.

Multi grain Dunkin Donuts Bagel:

Sweet Potato:

I forgot to mention in the video but would be remiss not to point out that the bagel has 8x the sodium of the sweet potato, which is almost an entire day’s worth of sodium!!!

If you don’t have 5 minutes for the video right now, bookmark this message and come back to it-just ONE of these misconceptions could make all the difference for you personally.

If you’ve made these changes and notice a difference with your health and in your body, please please share your story in the comments to encourage others to make better choices!

Lots of love and health to you,
2 Rampant Misconceptions That Make You Fat AND Cause Cancer