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2012 Mayan Calendar : Is the end of the world really coming?!

One of the greatest lessons of my life has been from my mother and you may have heard me (read me?) say this before,

To each their own.

So no matter what you believe in, I’ll always be here to support you and I appreciate that on the rare occasions I “preach” about anything, that you receive it with an open mind and know you can freely share your opinions in the comments without judgement.

A MAJOR topic of conversation right now is the 2012 Mayan Calendar and impending end of the world.









Personally, I believe the world as we know it is coming to an end and has been coming to an end for a while.  Now, I’m not talking about the planet exploding or anything like that.  I’m talking about human consciousness.

I’ve shifted in my beliefs about A LOT of things this year:

  • Exercise and nutrition (more on that in 2013)
  • My body
  • Religion/spirituality
  • Healing practices, energy and meditation
  • Personality and how I perceive others
  • Emotions
  • Time
  • How I work
  • Relationships

Relationships has been one of the biggest shifts for me this year. I’ve found myself gravitating towards those who “get it” and distancing myself from those who don’t.

Here are four contrasting views to illustrate what I’m talking about:

  1. Fear-based mindset (doesn’t get it) versus love-based mindset (gets it)
  2. Stress-based, reactionary lifestyle (doesn’t get it) versus create-my-own-reality-based lifestyle (gets it)
  3. Logic rules (doesn’t get it) versus intuition cannot be ignored (gets it)
  4. Takes no responsibility for thoughts or emotions (doesn’t get it) versus takes control of thoughts and uses emotions as a guidance system (gets it).

If you are in the camp that “gets it” I bet you have more examples of your own and I would love for you to post them in the comments.

The other big shift I’ve felt growing in 2012 is towards CONNECTION.  

To ourselves in terms of our bodies, our desires, and intuition.

Towards other in terms of REAL LIFE connection. –> Click to Tweet

The internet is a true gift, but it’s made surface level connection far too easy, and we’ve lost site of how deep and meaningful connecting with people in real time can be.  We text instead of call, express ourselves primarily via Facebook posts, messages, “likes” and “shares” and we Tweet what we’re up to instead of involving the people we care about most way too much.

It’s time to get back to more human interaction and less machine interaction.

So, do we have anything to fear with 12.21 upon us? I say No Way, Jose.

As I watched the Marie Forleo interview below this week and yelled back at the computer screen “yes!!” “exactly!” “thank youu!!”  I decided it was the perfect way to tie a bow on this post. Not only does her guest dive into what’s really going on, but she also gives some useful tips for how to make the most of it in 2013.  Take a look:


2012 Mayan Calendar : Is the end of the world really coming?!