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30 Day Bar Method Challenge

Lately I’ve been on a kick for trying out new workouts.  My body hasn’t been craving my usual metabolic conditioning, rest-based style workouts, kettlebells, or even my favorite-sprints.  She’s been craving what I can’t think of a better term for than, “more feminine movement.”

So I tried a class last week at Bari Studio in Tribeca, which was a lot of fun.  I got to dance, jump on a mini-trampolene, do some serious core work on the floor and play with bands that hang from the ceiling.  Talk about switching it up.

This week, I returned to one of my passions-salsa dancing.  A few years back I was dancing like four nights a week and even though I didn’t ever count dancing as my “workout” let me tell you-it gets sweaty on the salsa floor.  (Sidenote-I was kinda rusty after not dancing for three months and accidentally elbowed a dude in the face knocking his glasses straight across the dance floor…my bad!)

Now I’d been hearing about the Bar Method for a couple of years, but never looked into it.  I didn’t even know how to spell it when I googled it, bar? barre? Apparently both are fair game depending on the studio.  Anyway, the things I’d heard included words I really like, “sculpting” “melt fat” “dancer’s body”…so I decided to try it out and let me tell you, it was HILARIOUS.

I say hilarious because I spent a good portion of the class laughing at myself-out loud.  I could not BELIEVE how very small concentrated movements done for about 3000 reps burned so much…it was crazypants! The instructor had an inspirational body though. Tight, but not skinny, super toned, and her posture was impeccable.  There were points in the class that I was SO UNCOMFORTABLE I knew in an instant I needed this challenge in my life.

When class was over I signed up for 30 days of unlimited classes and I’m planning to go 4-5x/wk for the next four weeks.  I’m also not going to do any other type of exercise for the next four weeks, which might be tough, but I figure there’s no better way to put the Bar Method to the test than to eliminate all other workouts.  I’ve taken a before picture and measurements and I’ll be reporting back with results.

Now it’s your turn, what kind of movement has your body been craving? And do you listen to her when she says “No” to what you’re used to? Does this even happen to you ever?  Let me know in the comments.

30 Day Bar Method Challenge