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EP 335: Mother Wound, Navigating Adult Friendships, Cultivating Play and Online Dating Tips

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It’s our first crack at the new format and I’m so excited to share it with you!

In this episode you get to be a fly on the wall during some Q+A at one of my Wild Soul Movement Weekend Workshops. At the end of each day, I open it up for questions about anything and everything. Because attendees have been doing healing and embodiment work all day, their questions are thoughtful, nuanced, and deep.

In this session I answer two different questions about navigating adult friendships: The first is around how to support a friend who is stuck and listening to them talk about the same things over and over again has become draining because you don’t now how to help them. The other is about how to repair or move forward in a friendship after there’s been a fracture, issue or confrontation.

I also got into healing the mother wound, how to cultivate play in your life- especially if you were a parentified child or feel like you have so many responsibilities now, there’s no room for playfulness in adulthood. Lastly, I answered a really fun question about my favorite things to include in online dating profiles and the kinds of questions I like to ask potential dates.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

What You’ll Hear:
5:04 Why everybody has mother wounds
7:11 How neglect and abuse aren’t only in a physical sense
11:20 Being honest about what you need and having people who will mother you
14:02 Asking for consent before giving unsolicited advice to friends 
14:36 Language to use when sharing things that will be hard to hear
18:12 Repairing a relationship with a friend who isn’t taking accountability
21:38 Why you need to grieve lost friendships and relationships not just death
25:34 Being openhearted and aware that you might need different friendships in different seasons
32:01 Elizabeth’s thoughts on writing bios for dating apps and her experience with dating apps
36:35 Three questions that she asks people on dating apps to get to know them 

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“Mother wounds, everybody has one. Even if you had an amazing mom.”

“The mother wound is really in its most basic sense that you weren’t mothered the way you needed to be.”

“It’s okay to fade out a little bit and then fade back in when you’re more resourced.”

“It’s unloving to let people stay in their shit.”

“When people are in blame space, blame comes from shame. Blame comes from it’s much easier to point the finger out than to actually feel what I feel and to actually look at my part.”

“Sometimes people show up in our lives with the exact thing we need that we didn’t know we needed.” 

“Our relationships are kind of like our diet. We all need certain nutrients and micronutrients and also depending on certain seasons, what you need in your life: the vitamins, the minerals any of these things may be different and it’s really the same with humans.” 

“Accessing play might require some trial and error but think about the things that bring you joy.” 

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EP 335: Mother Wound, Navigating Adult Friendships, Cultivating Play and Online Dating Tips