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5 Unexpected Tricks to Side Step Stress

Today I’m going to vent real quick before delivering your goods.  I normally do not tune into the news or papers and here’s why.  I did yesterday morning and I was greeted with a heaping scoop of PERSPECTIVE:

  • three 8 year olds dead.  One was hung in Afghanistan.  One was kidnapped, smothered and dismembered.  One died of an allergic reaction to a food, and the mother tried to commit suicide after.
  • 93 slain in radical terrorist act in Norway
  • details of Amy Winehouse’s last day alive

Then today on FB, I see a post about a black girl in Arkansas, Valedictorian with the best GPA-but the school elected a “co-valedictorian” for fear of the “mess” of letting a black girl enjoy the solo honor.  Are you freaking kidding me?!

So here’s the deal, you might have stress in your life, you might have problems.  Everybody does, that’s part of life.  My grandpa always said, “They can knock you down but they can’t keep you down.” Today’s post is all about getting the hell up and staying up.

My hope this week is to help those of you in need of an attitude adjustment get readjusted.  Life is too good to waste time worrying about what you don’t have or what’s not happening.
It’s easier than you think. CLICK PLAY NOW.


The What I Did List.

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5 Unexpected Tricks to Side Step Stress