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6 Exercises to Give Your A*s a Face Lift

Today’s topic requires some time travel. We’re going back to 1995. I was a 12 year-old tomboy.  My priorities were the NY Knicks, covering my already developed C –cup boobs with sweatshirts, T’s and Jerseys, and playing sports.   Oh yea, and I had a pretty fierce crush on Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez from The Sandlot.


I was one of a few girls permitted to play pick up basketball with the boys in the schoolyard.  So there I am, ballin’ like Lebron (Ok maybe not) one afternoon when a classmate of mine, screams out in front of no less than 25-30 other kids, “Ay yo! Liz got a big ass.”


This would be the beginning of a major complex for me that would last through college.


Before Kim Kardashian made her way onto my sh*t list with her obnoxious Skechers commercial-I was actually a fan.  Why? For the same reason I love J. Lo.  They solved my complex.  Not only did it become OK to have a big ass-they brought tons of attention to the sexiness and desirability of a nicely shaped caboose.


Booties are in.  As I’ve lost a fair amount of weight since November, I’ve been extremely mindful not to loose my “healthy butt” (to quote booty expert, Sir Mix A Lot).  I get thank you’s from husbands and boyfriends everywhere for lifting, creating and shaping their women’s ass-ets and today I’m sharing 6 Exercises to tighten your tush.


The video below demonstrates 5 of the 6 exercises.  The 6th exercise is my favorite cardio for toned legs, particularly hamstrings-Inclined Treadmill Walking.

  • Set incline to 12-15
  • Set speed at 3.5-4.2 mph
  • Hold on if you have to, but the best workout is to not hold on.  You can also alternate periods of holding on and periods of not holding on until you work your way up to never holding on.
  • 20-30 mins of this is a solid leg workout any day.


Perform each exercise for 25 reps. If it’s a single leg exercise do 25 on each side.  Repeat the circuit 3-5x.

Be sure to leave your comments below, ask questions if you have any-and comeback after you try the workout to let me know how it went! (Disclaimer-don’t be mad at me if your booty is sore the next day or even 2 days after-you’ll love me when you can bounce a quarter off of it!)

6 Exercises to Give Your A*s a Face Lift