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International Women’s Day 2017: Playlist + Rituals

What’s up wild ones? It felt appropriate to provide some means for you to celebrate International Womens’ Day in a few different ways so you can find what resonates with you.

Below are three options.

The first is a playlist if you’re feeling a walk, a drive, or a dance party to some woman-centric jams.

The second two are straight from The Wild Soul Oracle deck.

1) The Divine Mother card for you to connect with Universal Mother energy

2) The Fierce Feminine card. This card is deeply inspired by my own journey home to my inherent femininity, which isn’t soft, prissy, dainty, or button up, but more like warrior goddess, do no harm but take no shit.

I hope you find one or both appropriately nourishing for whatever is up in your world right now.

Enjoy, and if there are women in your life who you think would dig any of it, please share.

To lifting each other up and continually untaming ourselves not just today, but EVERY DAMN DAY…

All my love,


IWD2017 playlist


Divine Mother


Mantra: Universal Mother energy surrounds me now. I am deeply nourished by her loving embrace.

REMEMBER: While most mainstream religions in our culture recognize God as a father, the term “Mother Nature” gets thrown around as if she is simply a concept, not a truth, and certainly not equal to the almighty “Him.” Your wild soul knows better. Regardless of any religious or spiritual beliefs you have, you have felt the presence of Universal Mother energy before. It’s the grounding you feel when you put your toes in sand, the ocean, soil or fresh grass. It’s the tenderness you feel when you lean your back into a tree, the bliss of a warm summer breeze on your skin. It’s why sounds of waves crashing or any flowing body of water soothes you. Of course nature is just one aspect of her energy. She’s got endless means for nourishment for your soul.

REFLECTION: How have you knowingly (or unknowingly until now) connected with Universal Mother energy? Describe the effects her nourishment has on you.

RITUAL: For this ritual you can lie down on the ground indoors or outdoors, lean your back into a wall, or go outside and use a tree. Once you’ve found your spot, close your eyes, place both hands on your heart, repeat the mantra, “Universal Mother energy surrounds me now, I am deeply nourished by her loving embrace” nine times. As you do, begin to feel the infinitely strong and supportive embrace of Universal Mother energy. Allow yourself to soften into her vastness. Allow your troubles to dissolve, just like a child would with a mother figure when they are upset or troubled. Allow any tension, stress, tightness or unpleasant emotions to fall away as she holds you. Stay here for as long as you need to. Let whatever needs to come up to be released to do so and let it go in the safety of your mother’s arms here. When you feel complete, give yourself a big hug, open your eyes, and enjoy the day.

Fiere Feminie


Mantra: I own, embrace, and I am the fierce warrior goddess within.

REMEMBER: One definition of fierce is, “showing heartfelt and powerful intensity.” While women have made many strides in culture and society, on a regular basis we still face oppression by tacit patriarchal agreements. One of which is the preference for women to be in constant pursuit of self-esteem, but very careful about expressing it once they acquire it. Another is that sure, it’s okay for us to be strong and powerful, but not so strong and powerful that it makes other people uncomfortable. Other people’s discomfort with your power, your heart, and your full out femininity, is not your problem. Becoming comfortable with all of it yourself, and learning how to express it authentically, is however, your responsibility.

REFLECTION: What is your relationship to being fierce? Seeing fierceness through a positive, expansive, useful lens, how and where do you need to embrace it and apply it in your life right now?

RITUAL: To summon the fierce feminine aspect of your wild soul in this ritual, you will connect with the goddess Durga.

Sally Kempton wrote, “In Indian culture, Durga is the Shakti (female principle of divine energy) you call on for strength, protection, and transformation. As a warrior goddess, Durga carries a spear, a mace, a discus, a bow, and a sword—as well as a conch (representing creative sound), a lotus (symbolizing fertility), and a rosary (symbolizing prayer)…

Aurobindo Ghose, one of the great 20th-century spiritual visionaries, believed that the Shakti, the sacred feminine power that Durga personifies, is the real force behind the evolution of human consciousness. He wrote that she is always trying to evolve our awareness, to help us create a world in which we live in balance with each other and the earth, and with our own sacred masculine and feminine natures. But he believed that to access her transformative power, we have to call it, ask for it, and pray for it. It’s as if the protective, transformative power of the divine waits, just out of reach, unable to intervene until we summon the courage or the desperation to throw ourselves at her feet, literally or metaphorically, and ask for her help.”

Close your eyes and take three deep inhales through your nose, and three long, purifying audible exhales out of your mouth. With every exhale intend to release any shame, guilt, fear, doubt, or judgements you have about being fierce. If after three breaths you feel like there’s still more to release, take as many more as you need to.

When you finish repeat the mantra, “I own, embrace, and I am the fierce warrior goddess within,” nine times. Now, imagine you are standing in a vast open field, surrounded by mountains. Connect with the grounding energy of the mountains. In the distance, you see a figure, riding towards you on a lion. She is majestic and beautiful, possessing a distinct aura of power, grace, and fierceness. As she approaches you begin to feel very calm, even more grounded, and an instinct to trust in her wisdom and protection arises in your belly and spreads throughout your chest.

As she reaches you, she dismounts her mighty lion, and walks over to you. You meet her gaze and notice that her heart space is opening and inside her chest is a beautiful rose, like the rose on this card, as her heart space continues to expand, yours begins to open as well. You can feel the presence of the same rose in your own heart and you realize that your heart is her heart. The heart of a fierce warrior goddess.

You bow before her in deep gratitude for the reminder, and she says to you, “There is nothing to fear ever again.” You close your eyes to take in that message, allowing yourself to be with it for however long feels right. And when you open your eyes she is gone, but never ever forgotten, because now you know she is in your heart whenever you need to call upon her.

International Women’s Day 2017: Playlist + Rituals