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Alisa Vitti In The Hot Seat: PCOS, Ovaries, and Sex

Super excited to introduce you to a woman who I believe is sharing one of THE MOST important messages around for every human with a vagina: Alisa Vitti.

If you’ve ever had irregularities with your period, have terrible cramps, want to go off birth control,have had trouble conceiving or want to make your first try effortless, clear up your skin, lose weight, ramp up your libido (or have more regular orgasms!), or there’s ANYTHING ELSE going on with your lady parts-this interview could change your life.

Why is her message so important?

Because so many of us grow up thinking our female bodies are a burden.  We dread our periods, we choose prescriptions instead of just getting to know our bodies, and with these choices come a slew of issues we really don’t have to deal with (if we don’t want to).

I want you to not want to.

I want you to get on the same team as your beautiful body.

Alisa Vitti is the best woman I know to set you on the right path in a way that’s easy to understand and loaded with pleasure, love, and simple steps.

I won’t waste your time here sharing her bio and telling you why she’s so incredible because I really want you to click PLAY on the interview and find out for yourself.  It’s about 25 minutes so if you don’t have time to watch it right this second, bookmark it and come on back.

PCOS, Ovaries, and Sex-watch it now!

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Alisa’s Info:

Find out more about the FLOLiving Protocol here

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Watch Alisa’s TEDx talk here

Alisa Vitti In The Hot Seat: PCOS, Ovaries, and Sex