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Toning Exercises for Women – Back Fat Burning Exercise

Want to burn off some back fat and cinch your waist with one crazy-effective exercise?!

Well then you are in luck because I have a mega-inspiring guest to introduce you to and she’s showing us how to do it!

I spent a few days in Vegas last week masterminding with some of the top people in the online fitness industry.  Lucky for you, I had my camera on hand so I could get some of their expertise and bring it back to share.  Over the next few weeks you’ll be meeting some of my new colleagues here.

Below you’ll find me in the gym with Shawna K, extracting some of her secrets to doing pull ups.  

Don’t let her pig tails and her sweet Canadian accent fool you-Shawna is one strong, tough, and fit mama.  In this week’s video she shows you how to do pull ups-one of the best back fat burning exercises, EVER.

Watch the video and try out these 3 movements the next time you hit the gym:



The three movements in the video will help you build strength and lean muscle in the places you need it to be able to perform pull ups.  If you want hit to FF button on your progress, check out Shawna’s program Challenge Workouts, that we mentioned in the video.

She gives you over $200 worth of information and bonuses for just $29 (personally, I think she’s not charging enough, but that’s just me).  And because you’re my peeps-anyone who clicks here to buy now will also get a special bonus from me, FREE ACCESS to a 45 minute workout video inspired by my As*pire class that’s been featured in Marie Claire and NY Magazine.  An extra $50 value.

I’m proudly helping her spread the word because  I think she’s amazing-and by the way, in case you were wondering, she’s 48-freaking-years-old!  

Told you she was mega-inspiring.

Want to join me in setting a pull up goal? Mine is 10 by April, let me know yours in the comments!!

Toning Exercises for Women – Back Fat Burning Exercise