Birthday Portal


I’ve been talking about the Birthday Portal for years and people always ask what it is and how to approach it. I’ve riffed on it a little here and there, but have never gone very deep into it as it’s a very personal thing for each individual.

The Birthday Portal is typically the month leading up to your birthday, give or take a week or two.

During this time, whether you’ve ever realized it or not, things tend to come up for “review” so you don’t have to drag anything you don’t want into the next year of your life. It’s a perfect time (spiritually and energetically) for closing things out, as well as setting intentions and getting clear on what you want for your next year.

Personally, I’ve noticed the last few years that Mary Magdalene Feast Day (7/22) opens up the portal for me even though my birthday isn’t until Sept 14. It’s also the beginning of Leo season and I have two major placements, Mars and Venus, conjunct in Leo (which can also be viewed as the masculine and the feminine…) so this whole 7-8 week period feels like a portal to me.

For this offering, as it’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like this – I will not be teaching anything. What I will be doing is sharing intimately how I journey through this time.

As an observer and sacred witness, the experience will be more of a transmission than anything – allowing you to glean whatever feels relevant and significant to your own life, for your own experiences. 

I sat with this idea for a while because sharing in real-time as I go through something is really not my style – but this year, at this time, it feels like the right thing to do. Partly because something that began to surface for me during Mary Magdalene Feast Day is needing to be seen and allowing myself to be seen in my fully mystical expression.

But mainly because the Birthday Portal isn’t really about processing, it’s about reflecting, integrating, setting intentions, and feeling forward as you move from one year of your life into another.

This is not quite appropriate for the big wide-open world of social media, or even in the Embodied Living Center as sacred as that container is. It does feel though, like something I can invite people into who have “the eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to feel,” who are curious or compelled enough to say yes.

I also have a hunch that after having this little portal-sharing experience, I’ll be able to create a guided birthday portal process/ experience for others to use for their own birthdays – this feels very exciting.

(This is my Sacred Creatress running the show, by the way – for people who are into the Wild Soul Archetypes…)

The last piece I’m feeling into is the reciprocity – I need to “charge something” for this as I will be inviting people so intimately into my life and it will likely be a very alchemical experience.

So I’m going to do a sliding scale of $111, $222, or $333.

50% of the revenue will go into my upcoming Embodiment Specialist Training scholarship fund.

Also – anyone who signed up or signs up (we don’t start until 9/9) for the Wild Soul Archetypes Immersion – group or 1:1, I’m bonusing this in for you – so you’ve already got it! I knew I wanted to do something for y’all in August before we start, this feels perfect because I’m definitely going to be leaning into the Archetypes to navigate the portal!



I’m approaching this differently than anything I’ve ever done before.

The “content” will be delivered via a private Instagram account. Once you sign up you’ll receive an email with the username to follow. You’ll also be asked to provide your Instagram username so I know it’s you and you will need to agree to the terms of the experience (see below). You’ll be able to access the private IG account for 2 weeks after the experience ends.


I will not be “teaching” anything during the experience – just sharing in real-time how I navigate it. The “learning” or “insight” will come from your own observation and extraction of what is relevant, useful, or significant for you. You are both invited and welcome to take anything I share during the experience and make it your own for your own personal use. If you are a coach, healer, or any other kind of practitioner, you are not invited or welcomed to take it and teach it as your own without attribution to this experience. Please note the difference and feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have questions about this.


-Daily-ish musings,
-Journal prompts (likely even some excerpts from my journaling!)

And of course – embodiment practices!!

I’ll also do a weekly Ask Me Anything via IG Live – you’ll be able to pre-submit questions and the recording will be posted right after.


Before you sign up please read over these terms as you will be required to agree to them before I can give you access to the private Instagram account. In order for this experience to be alchemical and sacred, I need to be able to share my experience without interruption or interference.

-Your role: Your participation in this experience is TO RECEIVE as a student, observer, and sacred witness. Feedback, support, encouragement, insight, reflections, or suggestions from you on *my experience* are not welcomed or invited. Sharing *your own* reflections or insights *for yourself,* is welcome, invited, and encouraged.

You may comment as much as you want on my posts sharing if or how it resonates for you, what it brought up for you, how you might use it yourself, any realizations you have because of it, etc.

Note: don’t stress about this – if you leave a comment that’s not OK, I’ll delete it and shoot you a DM to let you know why. It won’t be a big deal. I will be kind and direct and I won’t be mad or upset.  We’re grown-ups, we got this!

-Questions: Any and all questions you have can be posted on the dedicated weekly Q+A post (it will be clearly labeled) and I will answer them during the weekly Q+A. You may not ask me questions on any other post.

-Screenshots: If you want to screenshot anything from the private Instagram account for your own keeping that’s ok. You absolutely may not share screenshots of anything posted on the private Instagram account in any way with anyone not participating in the experience or on your own social media.

-Participation: How you engage and interact with what I share is 100% your choice. You can be a lurker, you can comment on every post, you can check the private IG every day, you can binge it over a few days, or pop in randomly here and there while it’s available – August 4- September 29. There will not be any refunds and there will not be any exceptions to your access ending on September 29, so please make sure you check out what’s available while it’s available.


This is a sliding scale offering which means you can choose what you pay from the three options below. Sliding scale is a communal approach to pricing that’s rooted in generosity, understanding, and inclusivity. It allows access to people in a range of financial situations while also honoring the energy of what’s being offered.

The options are highest dollar $333, middle dollar $222, and lowest dollar $111.

This is not designed for everyone to just choose lowest dollar to save some $$.

Highest dollar is the actual value of the offering. If you’re a person with disposable income, this is the appropriate reciprocity (investment) for you.

Middle dollar is for folks who are comfortable and won’t be stressed by spending $222.

Lowest dollar is for folks who would love to pay more but $111 is truly the max they can afford. 

Pay $333

Due to the deeply intimate nature and timing of this offering, I am not able to offer payment plans.