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A super valuable business lesson I didn’t even know I needed


Since 2010, I’ve had the incredible fortune of reaching places in my life that were too much to bear on my own and realizing after probably too much pain, strain and struggle that I needed some help.

I guess you can call it the benefits of being stubborn.

Or maybe it’s just the truth of that old saying, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”


I was a broke grad student still trying to make a career in fitness work even though my heart wasn’t in it. Then by a stroke of synchronistic events, a friend introduced me to Marie Forleo, I attended her event, got accepted to her mastermind and the trajectory of my life was forever changed.


I was again, at a crossroads. I’d managed to create an almost livable level of success in fitness by taking my business online. I say almost livable because several months of the year I was still struggling to make ends meet. And what was present for me again, was how much my heart was not in running a fitness business.

As this uneasiness was welling up for me, my boyfriend at the time offered me some feedback one day – maybe I needed a coach. A few days later Danielle LaPorte mentioned a name in an email – Chela Davison – her coach, a woman she respected and adored. Great! I thought. If she’s good enough for Danielle, she’s good enough for me!

I hired Chela shortly after that for a three month intensive. I chose three months because it’s what I could afford. And by afford I mean, the investment of $4400 was an amount I felt comfortable asking my mom to borrow. To this day, she’s become a great friend and we both laugh sometimes about how my transformation over that short three months was one of the most wild transformations she’s ever seen.

Again, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”


Coming off of my work with Chela I felt much more grounded and connected to myself so instead of investing in a coach that year, I invested in my business and created, tested and launched my new brand and signature program, Wild Soul Movement.

Almost eight months later, Wild Soul Movement had proven to be the most successful endeavor of my entrepreneurial career so far – in many different ways. I was making more reliable and consistent income, the majority of the community I’d spent so many years building in fitness was more than happy to transition with me into deeper, more meaningful work related to the body, we call it “working in” instead of “working out” AND most excitingly – I LOVED doing it.

Suddenly work stopped feeling so worky.


In January I attended an event called Archangel Academy. This was my first business type event in a really long time. Since my work with Chela, I’d been more focused on following my intuition and using my own soul’s guidance to make my business plans. I was also kind of recovering from so many years previous of trying to “learn online business” – which meant a lot of trial and error, investing in programs I didn’t always follow through with, trying to fit myself into the molds other people created, and failing.

To say I was a bit jaded by online business would be a mild assessment. This event felt way more inviting though, I was super open to it, and the reason why was the word “Archangel.”

To a lot of people that might sound a little crazy, to attend an event just because of a word in the name. To me it felt exactly right, and it surely was.

At this event a tall skinny dude who did a full split on stage at one point in his 10 minute talk named Jesse Elder literally blew me away. When he stepped off the stage I felt like I got blasted in the heart with some kind of energy I didn’t even know I needed.

Two months later I was sitting in Jesse’s home in Austin for my first Gamma weekend, by the end of which I would decide to invest $25,000 in a year long program with him. And for the first time ever, I didn’t need to borrow any money from my mom.

I would get a lot out of working with Jesse in 2015, one of the most valuable experiences of which would be the structure for running Untame Yourself Weekend Retreat Intensives. I ran five of them this year. What I learned about my capacity and ability to teach and serve women, what I learned about the women in my community from going way deeper with them, and what I learned about creating offerings that yielded much more valuable outcomes and results once again, changed the trajectory of my business.

For many years, having known what it was like to struggle financially, I was hesitant to charge what I perceived to be higher prices for events, programs and services. Somehow along the way I forgot that even when I didn’t technically have the money, I would always figure it out and find a way to make an investment that felt right. And those investments ALWAYS ended up paying off.

So, this month, December 2015, when my next coach, Sheevaun told me on our first call that she’d looked at my Wild Soul Movement Program (currently a $500 investment) from an outcome perspective, and that it is a $1500 course, I knew she was right.

A version of myself who was less confident, hadn’t seen the results of the program yet, and wasn’t totally right with my own money relationship yet priced that program.

2015 me understood.

This is the valuable business lesson I didn’t even know I needed: You pay for the outcome not for the features!

Women might think they are investing in the features of the Wild Soul Movement Virtual Program when they enroll:
-12 video sessions of the movement practice,
-12 video and audio guided meditations,
-A 12-week journal with prompts to explore the theme of each video more deeply,
-A private Google+ group to ask questions, celebrate wins, share struggles and connect with our global community and,
-Monthly Q+A Calls

But what they’re really investing in is the outcome, which if you speak to women who have taken the program, is priceless.

How do you put a price on…

Falling in love with your body for the first time ever in your life?

Learning your body’s unique language of the senses to access your own inner wisdom?

Releasing shame, trauma, old beliefs, patterns and stories and finally being free to create life the way you want to?

Getting unstuck?

Feeling confident and safe to put your own needs first, trust in yourself and life, and not only acknowledge, but finally start pursuing your wild dreams and desires?

Finding the courage and the language to have courageous conversations with people in your life and improve your relationships?

Opening yourself up to the type and quality of love and support you never thought was possible?

You can’t.

Just like I can’t put a price on all the outcomes and results I’ve experienced investing in myself over the years.

Back in 2010, I wasn’t investing in a monthly call with Marie, three live retreats, and email access to her and our mastermind group for feedback and advice. What I got out of it was lifelong relationships, a whole new trajectory for my business and therefore my life, and more.

When I invested with Chela, I was not investing in two 90-minute calls per month and the practices she created for me. I invested in becoming the woman I knew had been trapped inside of me that I didn’t know how to let out on my own.

When I invested with Jesse, I was not investing in weekly calls with our group of entrepreneurs, access to him anytime for questions or a few weekend intensives in Austin. What I really got out of it were massive shifts in my way of being, a deep understanding of applying Universal Laws to business, and the confidence to put on potent events that would up my level of service as a mentor and guide significantly. All of which led to increasing my income in ways I’d only ever imagined.

Other than January 2015 (before I met Jesse), I didn’t have a single month earning less than five figures, with one month over $40k and two months over $20k.

That may or may not sound like “a lot” to you because money and numbers are relative. To me understand, it’s been the best financial year of my life, one that allowed me to reinvest over $100K right back into the business so she can keep growing, serving and having an impact on the world, AND finally start tithing to causes and organizations I feel honored to support.

So when Sheevaun correlated the price to the outcome, not the features, something clicked for me. All these years I’ve been investing myself, I would think I was signing up for the features and always get so much more in the form of outcome and results.

Then I suddenly had a flood of memories of women saying things to me like,

“This program was more than worth it in just the first video!” Or,

“I’ve gotten more out of working with you in three months than all my years of therapy.” Or,

“I wish I could give you all the money I gave my last coach for just this one call!”

Why I had never thought to look at my own services like that before, I don’t know. I get this valuable business lesson now though and I will never forget it.

That said, I’m not raising the price of the Wild Soul Movement Virtual Program to $1500 yet. As of Jan 4, 2016 it is going up to $997.

A super valuable business lesson I didn’t even know I needed