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My First Blog Post Ever

I decided to google myself this morning to see what comes up.  It was really interesting to me how vast the internet is.  My articles have been re-posted, tips borrowed and adapted, literally all over the place. (Even found one translated and re-posted on a Pakistani website!) This is a really gratifying discovery for me, although I’m not sure why I didn’t realize that would happen, seeing as I use excellent tips and info I find on other websites all the time.  My two favorite features were a PR Consultant and a college professor, holler!

I also came across my original blog,  In Fitness and in Health (yes, as a rookie trainer and blogger I was the girl with the sports bra pic, don’t judge me).

I hesitated  before clicking on it, assuming it would be painful (considering I started writing only three months after becoming certified as a personal trainer and my training philosophies and education are well beyond what they were at that time now).

Luckily, it wasn’t as painful as I thought.  And much to my delight, my first post EVER was about motivation, which is a major core of my business to this day.

Albeit very basic, here’s my first post ever…

(It didn’t even have a title, it just started with a quote, haha)

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last, well neither does bathing- that’s why it’s recommended daily” -Zig Ziglar

My First Blog Post Ever