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Booty Shakin' Workout #1

From now until May, I will be posting 1-2 Zumba videos for your workout and viewing pleasure each week.  This week I have two, both are great workouts, high intensity and more on the hip-hop side.  If that’s not your Zumba style, stay tuned…many more latin and international rhythms to come.

Take a minute, clear out some space around your computer and let’s get this party started!

If- Janet Jackson.  I LOVE THIS SONG.  And I’ve been obsessed w/ Janet’s abs in this video since for years.

Kanye’s Workout Plan. This routine is not as dancy-but a killer workout.  Lots of squats and punches!

Love these vids or have links to your own? Drop your comment in the box below!

Booty Shakin' Workout #1