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How We Can Begin To Use Our White Woman Privilege to *Actually* Be The Change

NOTE: I posted this on Monday morning June 26. Monday afternoon I did a podcast interview where this came up and I said something that feels important to add to this post.

“I am willing to get this wrong on the way to getting it right.”

This is not a perfect post and that’s not what I’m striving for. The purpose is to begin somewhere.

For the last few years I’ve been working to “diversify” our community in various ways, starting with educating myself on the real issues so I can actually use my platform effectively to help, not just preach or unintentionally contribute to so much of the noise that is out there.

It’s felt like a slow process, because the volume of issues in just our country is high and at times can seem overwhelming like, “Can WE really make a dent?”

The answer is YES. We can and we will, because we have the willingness, the desire, and the humbleness to look at the places where we have been ignorant and do better. We can do this without blaming or shaming ourselves or others, and my intention with this post and future posts like it is to model how we can do that and invite you to join me if you would like to.

By WE here, I’m specifically talking about us white women, because truly, when white people start doing things differently (For example: Learning about privilege, the long standing systems that keep racism, prejudice and oppression alive, and other people’s cultures. Acknowledging and respecting these differences by way of our words, actions, and considerations. And there’s so much more, but again, we’re aiming for starting points here.) people of color have a much better chance of seeing the changes and receiving the treatment they honestly deserve as members of the human-freaking-race.

I’m open for input and feedback on my efforts because I am still navigating learning so much about so many things I really didn’t know. It’s painful and frustrating sometimes, but that’s no reason to let up because our brothers and sisters of color in this country in particular have had to endure WAY MORE pain and frustration than we can ever imagine.

I posted about Luvvie Ajayi’s book I’m Judging You the other day in my private Facebook group and I’m still finishing it. I have some blog post, articles, and videos to reflect and share the dots that her work has helped me to connect coming soon.

If you have any thoughts, ideas, reflection or questions about this, please comment below.

And if you’re looking to educate yourself as well, I highly recommend Luvvie’s book. She has a very unique way of blending depth, facts, AND humor to make very serious and pervasive issues understandable.


I personally am so sorry for all the ways that I just didn’t know better. For anything I’ve ever said, written or done to contribute to your marginalization, I apologize. This is my commitment to you to keep paying attention, to not be lazy about my efforts, and to use my big ass, loud mouth and platform to do whatever I can in a smart, effective way.

I’m probably gonna mess up some more along the way, feel free to let me know if or when I do. Thank you.


How We Can Begin To Use Our White Woman Privilege to *Actually* Be The Change