Today we’re going to play with creative expression.

Follow these steps:

1)Watch today’s video.
2) Write, paint or draw the words, “I Am Sacred” on something – paper, mirror, body part, etc. Let yourself be silly, normal, extra dramatic or whatever feels best to YOU (see examples below):

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 11.45.30 PM

3) Snap a selfie or have someone take a pic of you + your “I Am Sacred” creation and,
4) Post it to Facebook/Instagram with hashtag #iamsacred and tag 3 friends you want to join you.

Here’s an example of what to write in your post, “It’s Day 1 of @lizdialto’s #IAMSACRED experience. I nominate (friend 1) (friend 2) (friend 3) to join me and women all over the world in lovin’ on our bodies, souls and spirits for the next 8 days.”

Share the #IAMSACRED love!

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Copy/paste to Facebook: Get some deep love for your body, soul, and spirit. I’m loving @lizdialto’s free #IAMSACRED experience. We’re exploring new ways to treat our bodies, emotions, fears, struggles, pain and pleasure. We’re also learning how to up our capacity to relax and receive. All of it is sacred. All of US is sacred. AND Liz is sharing some sneak peaks from her Untame The Wild Soul Woman interview series which doesn’t go live until Mid-February. It’s a really special experience. Join me here: http://bit.ly/iamsacred