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Days 3-5 of Training!

I’ve been slacking a little bit…but have some great information to catch up on.  Particularly the ongoing debate I have with my trainer about eating habits.

She rules with an iron fist in this matter.  Patricia believes in consistency-and so do I.  Where we differ is in discipline.  She completely eliminates bad things from her diet, while I indulge here and there for the pure enjoyment and just accept the consequences.  This is why in pictures such as the one below you can see that she is diesel, and I have some work to do!

25816_573185429842_20102211_33839426_5545518_nIs there a right or wrong answer? It’s hard to say-I will leave that up in the air for now and revisit the topic at another time as it’s definitely a matter that could use some delving into 😛

I love writing this blog series because it keeps me accountable, and also forces me to think about what I’m learning along the way.  I also enjoy getting messages like this,

Hi Liz,

Thanks for keeping us posted on your TRX training.  After seeing the pictures, I went to take my first TRX class at the gym today even though I felt intimidated at first.  I would say it is a great workout for the whole body.  Thanks for the inspiration.

I cannot recommend TRX highly enough.  After taking so many weeks off from strength training, I felt weak when I started.  After just 3 weeks of training I can already feel the strength gains, along with my body starting to lean out.


As mentioned earlier the importance of diet is HUGE.  It’s such a challenge, but so worth it.  I often get messages from people expressing a lack of motivation.  So I’ll leave you with a few tips to get motivated:

1.  find an old article of clothing that no longer fits and set a date of when you’ll try them on next and mark the difference.

2.  Go shopping for a “dream outfit” something you’d love to look and feel great wearing-that’ll definitely light a fire under your butt!

3.  With summer coming you surely have events on the calendar, a vacation? a wedding? reunion? whatever it is…set the date on the calendar and get to work!

4.  I always tell people, a new iPod playlist, workout gear or some sneakers can be motivating.

5.  Sign up for a race or an obstacle course-something you need to increase your fitness to complete.

6.  Get a workout buddy!

7. Hire a trainer!

8.  Feel like you’re in a rut at your gym? Find a new one, or grab some workout DVDs to do from home. (email me for recommendations)

9.  How are you holding yourself accountable? My method is broadcasting my goals all over the site and facebook…people are motivated by seeking pleasure and avoiding pain.  That being said-what do you enjoy? Recognition? Attention? Compliments? and what do you fear? Ridicule? Failure? Falling short of your goals?  Think about these things and decide what motivates you most and start telling people, or just one person-but it has to be someone other than yourself.  This way when you consider faltering-you will remember that you’re not just letting yourself down but someone else as well!

Keep the thoughts, questions, comments and sentiments coming…..YOU ALL MOTIVATE ME, THANK YOU!

Days 3-5 of Training!