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The Digital Cleanse

This is a cleanse for your mental health. Over the past few weeks I decided to get down and dirty with my email, Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Although I haven’t shed any physical pounds as a result of this amazing new detox, I’m feeling lighter, and breathing easier every time I log in to check (approximately 1,000x/day…just kidding, or am I?)


  1. Email. Over time we’ve all subscribed ourselves to mailing lists and newsletters knowingly or otherwise.  If you find yourself constantly deleting messages without even reading them, do yourself a favor, take the 10 seconds to scroll to the bottom and hit “unsubscribe”…Hasta la vista Daily Deals, Ticketmaster Updates, and more. If you open the emails once in a while, or visit the website once in a while for useful tips or info, create an email folder and slip them in there each time they come along so they’re out of your inbox, but still at your disposal.  (Way less overwhelming, yes!)
  2. Facebook. You have two choices when it comes to Facebook, similar to the unsubscribe, you can just “defriend,” “unlike” or leave a group.  Or you can take the “I’d like it to be out of my face but still have access to it” approach and just “hide.”  I’m a huge fan of the hide and some people don’t know about it.  If you drag your mouse to the right of the first line of a status update, a short hide menu pops up, you can hide that post, or every post from that person/page/application in the future.  Allelujah!
  3. Twitter. Gotta love Twitter, they keep it simple. You must speak your piece in 140 characters or less, and if you don’t want to see someone’s tweets anymore, click on their name and a simple “Unfollow” will do just fine!

So cleanse away Fit, Healthy & Beautiful ones…drops some digital LBs and enjoy your holiday season minus the spam love handles!

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The Digital Cleanse