The EMBODIED Living Center

Every woman deserves to feel safe and at home in her body

The ELC helps you do both and so much more…

The EMBODIED Living Center

There’s nothing like it anywhere else online.

More than a course or a program…
More than a movement studio…
More than a healing center…
More than a resource for great content and education…
More than a mystery school…
More than a community…

Think of it as your personal “Cave of Wonders” meets “Mary Poppins Bag” for embodied living.

In the ELC, we operate under the knowing that our bodies hold immense (and innate!) energy, wisdom and healing capacity.

All of the tools, practices, resources and support offered help you tune into and TRUST your unique expression of each.

And it happens in a fun, vibrant and accepting space with community that feels like soul family.

Most weeks:

You get a variety of live-streamed embodiment classes, posts, prompts, and opportunities to connect and share with the community.

Every Month:

We have a community connection call on Zoom to check in, get to know each other and have an “Ask Elizabeth Anything” session.

Each Quarter:

You get a new mini-course.

Fall 2020 will be a Journey Through the Wild Soul Archetypes.

members also   receive…

Access to an array of online workshops and masterclass recordings from my teaching archives going all the way back to 2014. Topics include Boundaries, Courageous Conversations, Trust, Feeling Your Feelings, Embodiment 101, Unconventional Living, Intention Setting, Energy Work, and more. PLUS new workshops and masterclasses delivered sporadically as I feel inspired!

The Wild Soul Toolkit which includes energy management tools, meditations, rituals, and a PDF Guide – Honoring Cycles, Seasons, and the Elements Of Your Body and the Earth.


Women have been waking up to their freedom, power, sovereignty, worthiness, and true potential for a while now.

2020 has instigated what we’ll all look back on some day as the biggest collective healing revolution of our time.

This revolution isn’t just being televised, it’s being blasted all over social media every day. It’s distracting and consuming more people than it’s helping right now.

This space was founded to interrupt the distractions and consumption and catalyze deeper, more integrated healing.

Embodiment is inherently revolutionary for any woman who has ever felt ashamed of, less than or disempowered because of her body.

So approximately 98.7% of all women…

Everything in the EMBODIED Living Center is the culmination of the last 12 years of my life’s work across many different fields: Fitness, Self-Help, Wellness, Spirituality, Coaching, Personal Development and Healing. The last seven of which, I’ve spent helping women untame themselves.

It’s also informed by my own healing and education around embodiment, energy medicine, self love, social justice + collective liberation, boundaries, body image, trauma, healthy relationships, and identity (shout out to my fellow mixed race or multi-ethnic folks!)..

If you’re unsure of what I mean by Embodiment, put simply, it’s about getting out of your head and into your body.

This doesn’t mean you leave your head behind or that your mind is the enemy.

It just means you’ll be better able to live a life that’s more consistently guided by your soul’s wisdom than your trauma, limiting beliefs, or unconscious biases.


All EMBODIED Living Center work happens on the physical, mental,
emotional + spiritual levels.

And all the practices are designed to help you do three things:



all of the healing and growth work you’ve been doing.



your thoughts, feelings, energy, emotions, and nervous system.



self love, healing, wholeness, and liberation

THE benefits

  • New live-streamed classes most weeks and unlimited access to an on-demand library of 160+ class recordings.
  • Reflective posts, prompts and community discussions that never happen on social media.
  • Make new like mind-heart-souled friends with women from all over the world.
  • Members receive a 15% discount on Akashic Records Readings and EMBODIED Healing Sessions.
  • Membership flexibility! Stay for as long as you want, cancel or reactivate your membership anytime.
  • If you join for a full year you get TWO MONTHS of membership FREE
  • Easy to use mobile app powered by Mighty Networks
  • BONUS! Enjoy a variety of online workshops and masterclass recordings from my teaching archives going all the way back to 2014, PLUS fresh new masterclasses sporadically throughout the year.
  • BONUS! The Wild Soul Toolkit ($111 value) is yours FREE with membership.




*Every membership begins with a 7-day free trial

Member Love Notes…

“Elizabeth’s revolutionary work is deceptively simple and accessible. I began using Wild Soul Movement Practices and mantras five years ago, at one of the most difficult times in my life. I didn’t trust myself or anyone around me. Trusting the wisdom of my body had never occurred to me. Practice-by-practice, in just a few minutes a few times each week, I learned what the word “embodied” meant and the magic it holds. By connecting practical mysticism and simple movements, Elizabeth helped me to both root in the now and open to possibility. Through her work, I have learned to deeply trust myself, and that has made all the difference.”

Renia Carsillo

“During a crazy and uncertain time (COVID-19), I was really struggling with staying grounded and keeping my anxiety in check. Elizabeth popped up somehow, someway in my IG feed and her mantra that she posted made me feel a little bit better. I started reading her posts and found my way to the center. I started with a meditation and sank right into it, emerging feeling clearer and more settled than I had in months. I’ve fallen in love with the movement classes, her spirit, that big belly laugh, and all the wisdom. It was an excellent day when I found Elizabeth.”

Lisa Mott

“I came across Elizabeth’s work in December 2019 and my journey since then has been nothing short of transformational. She helped me reconnect with my body and inner Wild Soul and the community here is wonderful, nurturing and a safe space to be in. I also like that we have a wide range of offerings to choose from, depending on our energy levels any given day, from gentle Healing Meditations to intense Sacred Body workouts. What I love the most is the integrity and vulnerability with which Elizabeth embodies the wisdom she shares and guides the community. This work has helped me see, acknowledge and embrace all parts of myself and I’m truly enjoying the journey I’m on right now.”

Soundarya N

“I joined the Institute for Embodied Living as an alternative to rejoining my gym during the pandemic and I couldn’t be happier with the decision. With an injury I’m slowly healing, I really appreciate Elizabeth’s encouragement to listen to our own bodies, make modifications and do our own thing during sessions when we need to. With an athletic background, I also love the Wild Soul SWEAT workouts, a space to move and sweat in a celebratory versus punishing way. And in Erotic Body Movement, I feel more connected to myself and my body than I’ve been in years. I’m so grateful the space opened at exactly the right time for me. For anyone who wants to find freedom in fitness and a space to heal, listen and reconnect to their body, join!”

Leann Dameron

“I love that you’ve really made this space feel like a real life STUDIO! That I can come in and take classes anytime it suits my schedule and feel like I’m showing up to a community of folx who are along the same journey. I’ve never been the gym type and so I guess this could be what that feels like when you frequent a local gym. I feel like I’m walking through the studio waving at all the familiar faces and such.”

Simone Turner

“I have loved exploring the Embodied Living Center. I try to attend sessions live where I can, because that’s a special kind of magic, but also like to tune into myself to see how I feel on the day and pick something that suits. Erotic Body Movement, Sacred Body Work and Meditations have been particular favourites. I always feel so safe and cared for by Elizabeth, in any session or space she holds – it’s a rare and beautiful thing. The bonus workshops and mini courses are like extra blessings, giving the whole thing an abundant, loving vibe.”

Catherine Kelleher


(All classes are listed in Pacific – Los Angeles timezone)

Mondays 5:30pm | Breath-Based Meditation
Mondays 6pm | Erotic Body Movement
Tuesdays 9:00am | Wild Soul MOVEMENT
Wednesdays 4:30pm | Sacred Body Work
Wednesdays 5:00pm | Healing Meditation
Thursdays 9:00am | Wild Soul SWEAT
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays | No live classes


Wild Soul Archetypes, Dec 2-23

This mini course will help you:

  • Identify the wisdom in the things that have wounded you in the past and help you live more from the wisdom than the wounds
  • Clarify your vision for your life
  • Release old patterns of codependency, self-sacrifice, self-abandonment, over-functioning, and people-pleasing
  • Move towards loving, trusting, and accepting yourself fully
  • Embrace your multidimensionality, own your *true* power, and much more!

*Note: The live schedule is subject to change every month as I add different classes, workshops, and experiences to the space, AND occasionally need a break from teaching wink

Get access to all of these classes


A healing movement method that uses sensual movement and breath to learn to connect with and listen to your body, mantras to reprogram the mind, and meditation to cultivate inner peace. Think of these sessions like workins – rather than workouts.

Wild Soul SWEAT

Workout classes for women who want to feel powerful, vibrant, strong, luscious, agile, and fierce in their bodies. These are not about changing your body or trying to push goals or ideals on you that aren’t your own. All fitness levels, body shapes, sizes, and abilities are welcome.


Short (20 minute or less) guided sessions covering a myriad of relevant themes to help you embody self love, wholeness, liberation + more.

Erotic Body Movement

Embody the true meaning of Eros and connect your humanity with your divinity through sensual movement and dance set to sultry and activating playlists that will have you experiencing your body in ways you never have before.

Sacred Body Work

Work the “issues out of your tissues” with myofascial release, self massage and stretching designed to help you release and recalibrate your physical, emotional and energetic bodies.




*Every membership begins with a 7-day free trial

WHO THE space is for

  • Women who love my podcast, Instagram or emails, resonate with my vibe and teaching style (which is a combo of straight-up, accepting, encouraging, compassionate, and loving with a dash of humor and irreverence), and don’t expect me to be any kind of guru or savior.
  • Women who are into things that are deep, soulful, nuanced, trauma-informed, and rooted into commitments to anti-racism, social justice, and collective liberation.
  • Women who desire consistent, affordable access to grounded, integrated healing tools, practices and resources that can meet them no matter where they are or what they’re going through.
  • Women who don’t have access to a lot of like-mind-heart-souled folks locally and are craving community and connection with people who will get them and accept them.
  • Women who are drawn to the Wild Woman archetype or identify as witches, mystics, healers or creatives.
  • Women who are deeply feeling, highly sensitive, empathic, or intuitive.
  • Women who have done a lot of “work,” but still don’t feel connected to their bodies and or have trouble feeling or expressing their emotions, navigating conflict, and setting boundaries .
  • Alumni of any of my programs, courses, trainings workshops or events who would love to reconnect with the Wild Soul tools, practices and resources they know they can trust.
  • Women who hold roles as entrepreneurs, healers, leaders, space holders or caretakers, professionally, within their own families, or both.
  • Women who generally love geeking out on spirituality, healing and growth work!

Member Experiences…


We allocate 10% of all membership sales to a sponsorship fund to provide memberships for people who aren’t in a place financially to invest at the moment. It’s also possible to purchase membership as a gift.

Reach out on the contact page to be added to our sponsorship request list, to sponsor a membership, or purchase a gift.




*Every membership begins with a 7-day free trial

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