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19 Ways Add Enjoyment To Any Day

  1. Whatever you’re doing, slow down and engage your senses…we miss out on seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting a lot when we rush.

  2. Wear lipstick/lipgloss.  I used to hate on girls at the gym who wore makeup until I tried it and realized that looking pretty means feeling good about yourself. Mission accomplished. I blogged about this here.

  3. Bring a friend, or two or three.

  4. Dress up when you would have normally just worn your PJs or workout clothes.

  5. Wear your sexiest lingerie under your work clothes-your little secret!

  6. Sit down at a table to eat your meals and eat them from a plate – no standing over the kitchen counter, please!

  7. Chew your food completely before you swallow (it’ll taste better AND your digestive system will thank you)

  8. Go outside.  Nature is magical.

  9. Go for a walk.  Even low key movement can change your physiology and improve your day.

  10. Do something that scares you.  Facing fears is a major confidence booster!

  11. Add color to your environment.  Neon post-its or pens at your desk, flowers to your home, accessories to your outfits.

  12. Give whatever you’re doing your full undivided attention-presence is powerful

  13. Light a candle.  Candles make everything feel more relaxing and indulgent.

  14. Experiment with conjuring up your Core Desired Feelings.

  15. Drop someone a random thank you note, card, or call.  Gratitude is a major enjoyment booster!

  16. Give someone the greatest hug they’ve ever received.

  17. Get some essential oils-fragrance can switch up your mood in an instant.

  18. Do something 7 year old you would have done and screw what anybody around you thinks (ideas: ride a swing at a playground, cannonball into a pool, cartwheel, play a friendly prank on someone, sing, dance, roll around on the ground, draw, color, paint…)

  19. Find something hilarious on like this.

19 Ways Add Enjoyment To Any Day