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EP153: Kendra Cunov on Boundaries, Connection and Authentic Relating


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Those of you who listen regularly know how juicy the conversation always gets when our guest is someone I’ve been wanting to dive in with for a while. Kendra Cunov is one of those people. I lost count of how many people told us we needed to connect and once we finally did, it was totally clear WHY. We jammed on some of your favorite topics in this episode: boundaries, cultivating connection with others and relating to them from a truthful, self-honoring and authentic place, healthy and unhealthy expressions of masculine and feminine energy, and parenting. Enjoy!

About Kendra Kunov:

Co-founder of Authentic World, Kendra Cunov has been teaching, facilitating, and (most importantly) practicing Authentic Relating & Integral Circling for the last fifteen years. She works with organizations, leaders & coaches who know that connection, truth & integrity are actually access points to success.
Kendra has consulted for companies such as Genentech & is currently on staff for 4PC, an elite mastermind for the top 4% of coaches in the world.
She brings a genuine care for people, as well as an extraordinary depth of insight, in service of people living truly fulfilling lives.

In this episode, Kendra shares:

1. Parenting and blended families
2. Authentic relating
3. States of being versus stages of development and how the two interact in life and relationships
4. Visibility and craving connection

What You’ll Hear:

11:50 Growing up in a conscious environment + your relationship to home
18:04 On authenticity and relating to others
27:15 Agreements and personal practices
34:06 Polarity, resonance + integration of both sides of masculine and feminine
40:16 Integral theory + unhealthy masculine and feminine
48:59 On having children with different fathers and working on relationships

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EP153: Kendra Cunov on Boundaries, Connection and Authentic Relating