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EP207: Feminine Embodiment and Self Discovery with Elana Meta

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Ever have a visceral response to seeing someone do what they do best? That’s how my first encounter with today’s guest, Elana Meta went. Watching her dance at an event literally made me cry. We talked a lot about dancing in this interview – both in her career (she’s toured the world with various artists), and in her life, dancing between the masculine and the feminine. We also talked about mastery, the important of practice, and commitment. She shared the creative process and evolution for her upcoming Wild Vessel event, and she even introduced me to a term I’d never heard before, ‘biomimicry” – have a listen to find out what it means and to hear the rest of our juicy chat.

About Elana Meta:

Elana Meta is a dance catalyst, teacher and creative. She is the founder of the META Method, a form of movement that connects dance with the four natural elements. She is one of the largest international influencers in the festival dance community. She brings the Meta Method to events, corporations and conferences. She performed for artists such as Beyonce, Michael Franti, Nahko and Thievery Corporation. Elana is lucky to call LA her home where she launches her online courses, and leads events and retreats for women globally.

Teacher at : Wanderlust International Tour, Esalen, Summit Series, Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis, Hive, and Burning Man.

Model: Elana is represented by Abrams Artist Agency in LA & NYC and has been featured in commercials such as Dannon Yogurt, Gillette, Boost Mobile, Target and more. She’s been featured in music videos with Hoodie Allen, New Politics, and does flash mobs globally for social change.

Performer: Elana has performed at venues such as Red Rocks Amphitheater and Lincoln center alongside artists such as Beyonce, Skrillex, The Glitch Mob, Michael Franti, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Thievery Corporation and more.

Current: Elana is currently working at the intersection of dance, mindfulness and Virtual Reality as head of Global Outreach for an LA based VR company, Empact Labs. She is also leading multiple online courses alongside LA based women’s groups and private clients.

In this episode, Elana shares:

1. Polarity in all of life
2. What a “protector” actually is, does, and why we crave it
3. There is no blame in responsibility

What You’ll Hear:

5:20 How Elana’s found the feminine side of dance
15:06 On daily practice and mastery + the balance of masculine and feminine
25:26 All about The Wild Vessel event + holding space
41:30 Elana’s experience at Esalen + taking responsibility

Wild Vessel
Maps to Ecstasy by Gabrielle Roth
Sweat Your Prayers by Gabrielle Roth
Rochelle Shieck + Qoya

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EP207: Feminine Embodiment and Self Discovery with Elana Meta