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EP48: Andy Drish and An Electric Conversation about Romantic Partnership


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About Andy Drish:

Andy started digging ditches with his father at age 14, working construction in a small town in Iowa…learning to value hard work and education early in life. With lots of trial and error, he built and sold his first company at age 26. Realizing entrepreneurship has the power to change the world, Andy co-founded The Foundation with Dane Maxwell in 2012. The Foundation teaches entrepreneurs how to start and scale software businesses from scratch. The Foundation is a global entrepreneurial education company that has helped entrepreneurs from over 45 countries start businesses from nothing by focusing on the deep inner game of entrepreneurship. Andy believes the world is a better place with more entrepreneurs in it, and he envisions a world where anyone who wants to start a business, has access to the right tools, resources, and community support to do so.

In this episode, Andy shares:

1. The readiness of men in relationships
2. How to exist with uncertainty
3. Reconfiguring your identity as an individual and in partnership

What You’ll Hear:

5:48 How to exist in uncertainty
10:45 Taking time for yourself, having balance, and going in cycles
15:37 Societal and cultural conditioning in defining relationships
20:00 Choosing functionality over form within a relationship
28:29 Avoiding “mind-reading” and the importance of sharing your desires
33:50 Timing and the readiness of men
36:57 Sourcing outside of the relationship to get what you need
41:36 How to cultivate stability within a stage of uncertainty
52:59 Two of the most consistent traits that powerful and inspiring women have

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EP48: Andy Drish and An Electric Conversation about Romantic Partnership