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EP64: A Riff on Guidance and How To Ring in the New Year


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It’s that time of year, when everyone and their mom is sharing up ways to ring in the new year, so a handful of people have asked me how I like to do it. My answers are in today’s podcast episode.

In this episode, I share:

I love to see so many New Year’s offerings popping up and all the different ways people create to help you move into a new year and live better than you did in the previous year. So as you peruse the options remember: taking advice from people you know already have what you want or have had the experiences you desire to have is always a good choice. Be careful of people teaching things they haven’t embodied or experienced. Ask yourself, “Do you want to learn from someone who’s faking it til’ they make it? or someone who has walked the path they’re guiding you along, and is living their message?”

What You’ll Hear:

7:20 Choosing the right guide to get the best results
12:13 Taking life issues and circumstances head on
13:40 Ideas for New Year Rituals and Celebrations

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Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Practice
Experience Yourself As The Miracle You Are With Jesse Elder
The Wild Soul Way To Ring In A New Year

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EP64: A Riff on Guidance and How To Ring in the New Year