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What : 90-minute Wild Soul Fusion class and a 2-hour workshop on Ego Desires v. Soul Desires. Attend live or access the recordings for 30 days.

When : Wild Soul Fusion Class – 9/22 – 7:30pm-9pm Eastern

Desire Workshop – 9/25 – 12pm-2pm Eastern

Where : Zoom (recordings available after)

Bday Special : The Bundle value is $111, SAVE $72 AND get it for $39 when you sign up. 100% of proceeds will be donated to Hurrican Fiona relief in Puerto Rico.

The workshop: ALL ABOUT DESIRE

Many years ago a friend at the time who was a metaphysician said to me, “Our Spirits speak through us by means of our desires.”

Years after that, via Florence Scovel Shinn I adopted a mantra, “I only desire that which the divine desires through me.”

Living with this kind of relationship to desire is life-giving in such miraculous ways. It’s a true pathway to alignment.


1) Learning to discern between the desires of our egos and the desires of our souls.

2) Cultivating the courage to do it.

If that sounds like something you could use – join me!

There will be time for Q+A at the end of the workshop.

As with almost all workshops, this is a Zoom Webinar and you won’t be on camera so just come comfy and ready to take notes and participate.

The workshop will be recorded, you’ll receive the replay within 24 hours, and can access it for 30 days.

If you’re the type that likes to prepare for things, take some time before the session to think about your current relationship to Desire and how it’s playing out (or not) in your life right now.

Come to the workshop with your curiosity cap on, ready to take notes.

Can’t wait to see you!


  • What are ego desires, when are they useful, and when are they dangerous.
  • What are soul’s desires, how to connect with them, and let them lead you in your life in powerful ways.
  • How to deal with the fears, resistance, and pushback from friends, colleagues, family, and loved ones as you embody and express your soul’s desires.
  • How to cultivate the courage to let your soul’s desires lead – it takes practice but anyone can do this.
  • A discussion on worthiness that will help you accept and receive the miraculous blessings, love, support, abundance, peace, and joy your soul’s desires will lead you to.
  • …a few spontaneous insights that always bubble up during these monthly workshops…

“Finding Elizabeth’s work and joining the Wild Soul Sacred Body family has been so incredibly life-giving for the last two years!

I had felt stagnant in my spiritual and self-love journeys and needed more inspiration than I could find within myself and my community. I happened upon Elizabeth and the podcast at such a pivotal moment. I feel so much braver, so much more seated in my faith, and so much more grounded in my ability to surrender and release. I am so grateful to be part of a community where I can come to feel and be seen — to have people witness me as I embrace my own path. Thank you, Elizabeth, for the container you’ve created in Wild Soul Sacred Body and for all of the love you bring into this world!”

-Kate O.


Wild Soul fusionis a healing movement class that helps you develop a kind and loving relationship with your body. Think of it like a work-in – rather than a workout. We’re not here to burn calories or reshape our bodies, we’re here to experience them as the miracles that they are.

First, we tap into your Wild Soul Wisdom through a combination of guided meditation, gentle movement, and an empowering mantra.

Once you’re warmed up we get into your Wild Soul Flow which invites you to express yourself through more intuitive, sensual movement and free dance. This portion of class includes a playlist that’s carefully curated to help liberate your body from shame, self-consciousness, and insecurity and connect you to your power.

All fitness levels, body shapes, sizes, and abilities, are welcome. No dance experience is necessary, and we provide plenty of modifications for anyone who needs them.


  • First of all it’s just good for every woman’s body, mind, heart, and soul to honor the changing of the seasons, and connect to the earth, the body, and community during Equinox’ and Solstices.
  • The Fall Equinox is a time to transition from the light, energy, and action from Summer into both a season of harvest and transition.
  • It’s a time to honor what’s full and ready to be received and experienced in your life.
  • It’s also a time to allow yourself to slow down, reflect, and prepare for the inward, hibernation energy of winter.
  • It’s a time to look for loose ends to tie up and refinements you can make in your life so that you can truly rest – physically or energetically when the Winter comes.
  • It’s a journey from the big fiery yang energy of summer into a more considerate, alchemical, and yin energy.
  • There will also be more personal-to-you-reasons that you’ll discover during class.



Will the workshop and the class be recorded?

Yes, all workshops and classes are always recorded. If you are a Wild Soul Sacred Body member, you get access to the recording for the duration of your membership. If you purchase the Birthday Bundle here, you get access to both recordings for 30 days.

WHERE are the events hosted?
All workshops are Zoom webinars – you will not be on camera, only I will, so come super comfy and just as you are!
I have physical limitations, will I be able to do the Fusion class?
Yes! Our classes are very inclusive, I give a ton of modifications and suggestions for anything you might have going on with your body so you can participate from your own comfort level.
Will I be able to ask questions during the workshop?

Yes, I always leave time for Q+A at the end of the workshop and I encourage it! Your questions and curiosity improve the quality of the workshop for everybody.


(that’s me!)


Known for her raw, honest, and nuanced approach to spirituality and the healing arts, Elizabeth DiAlto is an Embodiment Specialist, a Mystic, and host of the Embodied Podcast (3M+ downloads!). A native New Yorker of Puerto Rican and mixed-European descent, Elizabeth started her professional life in sales, then moved into health and fitness before life finally called her to do her soul’s work in 2013 when she founded what has now evolved to be School of Sacred Embodiment. Her mastery is in teaching, facilitation, and communication with immense reverence, humor, and compassion. Everything she studies, practices, and creates is in service to collective healing and liberation. Elizabeth currently lives in Miami, is an avid Latin dancer, and has a laugh that has been described as “a sound bath of sunshine and joy.”


“Elizabeth’s revolutionary work is deceptively simple and accessible. I began using Sacred Embodiment practices and mantras five years ago, at one of the most difficult times in my life. I didn’t trust myself or anyone around me. Trusting the wisdom of my body had never occurred to me. Practice-by-practice, in just a few minutes a few times each week, I learned what the word “embodied” meant and the magic it holds. By connecting practical mysticism and simple movements, Elizabeth helped me to both root in the now and open to possibility. Through her work, I have learned to deeply trust myself, and that has made all the difference.”

Renia Carsillo

“During a crazy and uncertain time (COVID-19), I was really struggling with staying grounded and keeping my anxiety in check. Elizabeth popped up somehow, someway in my IG feed and her mantra that she posted made me feel a little bit better. I started reading her posts and found my way to the center. I started with a meditation and sank right into it, emerging feeling clearer and more settled than I had in months. I’ve fallen in love with the movement classes, her spirit, that big belly laugh, and all the wisdom. It was an excellent day when I found Elizabeth.”

Lisa Mott

“I am so grateful to Elizabeth for creating safe spaces and programs for women. I’m now able to have conversations that I once felt were uncomfortable, I’m able to establish boundaries in a kind way and I’ve evolved on my journey to love myself. Wild Soul Sacred Body is such an amazing space with a wealth of resources and I can’t thank Elizabeth enough for creating this space and Sacred Embodiment practices.”

Keeley W.