Aug 29 2021

Payment Types


Alchemizing Anger

During this workshop, I’m going to teach you how to access and alchemize any anger in your system that’s getting in the way of you having the life, love, and experiences that you both desire and deserve.


Specifically, I’ll cover:

-All kinds of undesirable behaviors and experiences you’re having that are connected to unprocessed anger

-How to pinpoint where the anger is coming from – naming and clarifying is such an important step!

-How to find the courage to face the anger once you’ve identified it (a lot of people are really scared of their anger for a variety of reasons)

-Healthy ways to release anger

-How to transmute the energy of your anger into a positive force for change and transformation once you’ve processed and released what needs it first

When and Where:


  • The workshop will be a Zoom Webinar and you won’t be on camera so just come comfy and ready to take notes!
  • I’ll have time for Q+A at the end.
  • It will be recorded and you’ll receive the replay within 72 hours.


Pay What You Can

NOTE: All of our workshops are now being offered at sliding scale rates – there are three options – lowest dollar, middle dollar, and highest dollar. Please choose the rate that genuinely works best for you and your current budget. This is meant to reduce stress and increase accessibility – please don’t overthink it, just go with what feels best to you!




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