Apr 29 2021

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Courageous Conversations

During this workshop I’m going back to the most popular topic in my Untame Yourself book (2015) – the Courageous Conversations framework.


If you’re someone who struggles with conflict, boundaries, touch conversations, asking for what you need, etc – you will love this workshop. We can never control how we’re received, but through our energy, our words, and doing our own work beforehand, we can set ourselves up for consistently better outcomes from our communication. This is especially useful if you grew up in a family or a culture where talking about uncomfortable things wasn’t a thing OR the way things were discussed was aggressive, abusive, or manipulative.

Specifically, I’ll cover:

-How to prepare yourself for a courageous conversation by first discerning what you’re actually feeling and what actually needs to be addressed

-We’ll walk through some embodied practices that explore the three questions, “Does this need to be said?” “Does this need to be said right now?” “Does this need to be said by me?” to ensure you’re having *the right* conversations.

-The Courageous Conversations framework itself with a variety of tweaks and scripts for various topics of conversations and different types of conflicts you may face personally, professionally, within your family, and romantically.

-How to set up the conversations with the people you need to have them with, logistically and energetically so you can set yourself up for the best possible outcome.

-How to find the words to say what you need to say.

-How to navigate conversations when they go side ways and create space to follow up.


My vision is that after this workshop you’ll feel more confident, comfortable, and equipped to say the things you need to say, to the people you need to say them to, directly, with lots love, care, and compassion.

Pay What You Can

NOTE: All of our workshops are now being offered at sliding scale rates – there are three options – lowest dollar, middle dollar, and highest dollar. Please choose the rate that genuinely works best for you and your current budget. This is meant to reduce stress and increase accessibility – please don’t overthink it, just go with what feels best to you!




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