Feb 20 2021



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Dating in your 30s and 40s

Dating in your 30s and 40s, especially during an ongoing pandemic can be a mystifying experience – but that’s no reason to give up on your desires and intentions for love and intimacy.

In my world, dating is about safely sourcing all kinds of connection and intimacy, not just the one big goal of life partner.

Between my own extensive research and experiences, my clients’ and all the dating experts I’ve interviewed on the podcast over the years, I’ve got gems to share for days on this topic.

I’m excited to share all of the dating advice, books, and “popular” teachings I had to let go of to start finding more aligned connections.

I can’t wait to dispel some straight-up myths about dating that cause women so much pain, confusion, and loneliness.

AND I’m extra looking forward to offering all of this from embodied and energetic perspectives.

Specifically, the Dating In Your 30s and 40s Workshop will cover:

– Online dating! From creating a profile that will compel the right people and repel the wrong ones and key questions I use to identify quality prospects, to a few crucial steps to ensure you stop wasting time on the wrong people.

– Important boundary conversations and check-ins for different phases of dating.

– Meeting people! Especially if you hate online dating or have had bad experiences with it in the past.

– What to do when old patterns, like codependency, people-pleasing, or self-sacrifice start to show up once you really start to like someone.

– Identifying and honoring your different desires and intentions for different phases or seasons of your life.

-Refining and discerning around what “healthy love” looks like for you now vs what it may have looked like (or what you thought it was supposed to look like!) in the past.

– How to deal with ghosting and letting people go who you no longer wish to be connected to with kindness, compassion, and respect.

-Dispelling the “you have to love yourself before you can love someone else” myth that keeps so many people from even trying!!

– Much more…

No matter who you are, what your past experiences have been, or how you currently feel about dating or yourself, you deserve nourishing, satisfying, hot and healthy intimacy, companionship, love, and connection in your life.

My vision is that after this workshop you’ll feel more confident and equipped to get out there and trust that like my mystical soul brother Rumi says, “What you seek is seeking you.”


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